Letter to the Editor – Gabriel Riveriere-Reid Open Letter to MPP Jim Brownell – Cornwall Ontario – April 28, 2010

Dear Mr Brownell,

In a democratic society, the people have the final say. When a government is elected, it does not give it unilateral power to do whatever it sees fit. Not everyone voted for a Liberal candidate. In fact, in the 2007 provincial election, only 42% of voters selected a Liberal on their ballot. As well, only 52.6% of the population voted at all. This means that over 47% of Ontario citizens did not vote Liberal, and 58% of those that did voted against your party.
But, in our chosen electoral process you were awarded a majority government.

But once again, the people have the final say. The citizens of Ontario that voted for another candidate or did not vote at all deserve to be heard as well. Also, even those that did vote Liberal may not agree with all of your policy’s.

And this is why you must always keep an open mind and ear, and let the will of the proletariat guide your course.

In Cornwall there are people, constituents and voters, who need you to stand up for them.
The institutions that failed them once have failed them again.

I am speaking of course of the survivors of childhood sexual abuse who were receiving counselling but have been abandoned by the Ontario Government.

We have contacted you about this issue before. You have followed the due process and contacted the Attorney General Chris Bentley for direction. We were told that this process could take from 6-8 weeks. But we know that by then the Legislative Sessions will have come to an end for the summer, and issues like these wll be put on the backburner to cool.

We know that you have it in you to fight for the people of this riding Mr Brownell, you have shown it to us before. We need you to fight for us again and make sure that our voices are heard in Queen’s Park

This is why we elect 107 Members to the Legislative Assembly: To be our link to the Premier and his Ministers.


Gabriel Riviere-Reid – Cornwall Ontario

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  1. The people that didn’t vote, have no say! Period! Want a say, get out and vote. And maybe, just maybe, with the extra votes, we wouldn’t have all this predicament happening in the first place. Otherwise hear hear on everything else you stated!

  2. Jim Brownell is a hard-working person and will always have my vote!

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