Canadian Prime Minister turns 51 – 62 in Jaffergate Years or is it all a ploy……Cornwall Ontario – April 30, 2010

Cornwall ON – Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s birthday wish of a minority government is step further or closer away depending on how you roll the spin.   On this, the Prime Minister’s 51st Birthday he is besieged by the Rahim Jaffer scandal as well as the stank from Mr. Jaffer’s wife, former cabinet minister Helena Guergis.

So as the scandal rolls out the question is how will this impact the political landscape?  Will it expedite an election?  Will it cost Mr. Harper?  Is it a hustle to wedge the opposition?   IE, if they do nothing to they in essence sanction it?

Politics after all are a blood sport, and Mr. Harper seems to like more blood than less.

What do you think Canada?  Will Jaffergate help or hurt Mr. Harper and will it trigger an election call sooner rather than later?

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  1. its unfortunate, but except for a few of us, I don’t think many particularly care about this obvious double standard attitude that the governments take.

  2. Dear me, what an obvious missed opportunity! Why hasn’t the City of Cornwall taken advantage of Mr. Jaffer’s obvious lobbying skills to press Mr. Lauzon to represent our riding?

    On the other hand, perhaps not.

  3. Many people do not vote and many that do, have very short term memories. All parties know this, count on this even.

    Once people get into power, their attudes change because there are more consequences than being in opposition

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