LIVE on SEAWAYRADIO.COM Political Activist Marc Emery on the Legalization of Marijuana – Thursday May 6th at 3PM EST

Cornwall ON – Marijuana Activist Marc Emery will be on at 3PM EST Thursday May 6. In a rare radio interview Mr. Emery will talk about the legalization of Marijuana and related subjects.


You never know who’ll pop up on – Live Community Radio from Cornwall Ontario!


  1. About time! And Free Marc Emery, take a stand for Canada’s sovereignty! It’s high time we stop caving in to the demands of the USA on this, when even the USA is relaxing their own laws in some states. They have even told Canada not to proceed with these extremely regressive laws that Rob Nicholson is trying to spearhead. But to no avail. Seems like those with their hidden agenda’s, just want to do what they want!

  2. Marc Emery broke the law in the USA by shipping marijuana seeds across the border to them. He has pleaded GUILTY to a charge in exchange for them dropping some other charges. Where’s the problem?
    If he did the same in Singapore he would have been hanged! When you do the crime you do the time!
    WARNING: Breaking the law in foreign countries gets a foreign country jail sentence!

  3. “WARNING: Breaking the law in foreign countries gets a foreign country jail sentence!”

    just want to point out, he wasn’t in the USA when this happened. Typically there is a warning on anything ordered into a country, that if it is illegal, then buyer beware the consequences. You don’t see the USA extraditing anyone from the Netherlands do you? At least I’ve never heard of that happening before. And you can bet that country has probably shipped well more seeds to the USA than anything Canada may have shipped there. This is a question of our sovereignty at the same time, do you not see that? The USA have no right to step in here and take anyone out of the country, and as soon as we give them that right, we are their lapdogs.. Let Marc serve whatever justice is accorded to that practice that we deem necessary up here, IN CANADA, but as far as I am concerned, never to the US. Except if it were a murderer or someone trying to hide in Canada from the US for something such as murder.

    This is a purely political issue going on. And I hope our government makes the right decision on this. Else offend much of the country. And further proving the police state that they are forcing on us up here!

  4. So long as Marc didn’t pull any murder, or terrorist act, etc, something of REAL NATIONAL SECURITY, and especially if not in the USA to begin with, then he should remain here, plain and simple!

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