Wacky Harper Government Trying to Pass Tougher Drug and Crime Bill – Cornwall Ontario – May 4, 2010

Cornwall ON – Those wacky Stephen Harper Conservatives are back after crime.  Apparently they are mulling a bill that will criminalize drugs more (unless you’re a Conservative MP or former MP).


Justice Minister Rob Nicholson dropped broad hints Sunday that the new legislation would revive a controversial provision — a mandatory six-month sentence for people convicted of growing as few as five pot plants.

Instead of legalizing Marijuana the Harper government is looking to spend millions more of Canadian taxpayer dollars chasing smoke instead of having money for hospital beds and services.

What do you think Canada?  Does this make any sense to you?   Now that the Conservatives have an edge in the Senate banana republic wild west laws like this just may able to become realized.

Should Marijuana be Legalized in Canada?

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  1. Its not the government thats wacky, its the people smoking that wacky tabaccy!

  2. No Harry, it’s not the people. They made it illegal because non-white people smoked it mostly. Racism? That’s wacky. The gangsters that make millions while the government gets no tax revenue? That’s the very definition of wacky.

  3. Hear hear Dave!

    I was watching clips from Stephen Harper trying to explain his viewpoint on youtube, and I couldn’t stop laughing at just how dumb and obtuse his logic really is on it all. The biggest laugh was saying that the south american cartels are making most of their money from it. When really thats a sham, they are producing the hard stuff like cocaine and such (Jaffer’s favorite), and they are being paid with American money most of the time, which was obtained by selling cigarettes, pot, etc, all because it is currently a commodity as it is. Think for just one second about the logic behind thinking that the south american cartels make most of their money from pot. No way. There is not that much money in that when they are primarily producing and exporting cocaine. What a fallacy of logic displayed by Harper on that.

    One word of advice, want to deal a real blow to organized crime while bringing in more revenue, legalize pot! At the same time, drop the ludicrous taxes on cigarettes. They are spending way too many tax dollars combating that when they should be spending it on hard drugs, oxy’s (I wonder how so many oxy’s are getting into Cornwall, everyday I see stories on that), etc. Well cheap cigs and pot are the fastest ways to build capital fast enough to get to the harder stuff after. If it were legal, and taxed properly, then this would void that and streamline the policing. They could even put that money to some ACTUAL better use by fighting pedophiles, real criminal acts, etc, instead!

    But no, its a hands in your pockets story. Big pharma and Oils hands are in the government pockets. Same with those of GM it seems. The government loves to have a reason to justify blowing so much of our money on things. No wonder they don’t want to get audited, because they are probably telling us all that they are spending money on one thing (like healthcare it seems), but really are not, and just using expenditures on fighting pot and cigarettes to cover it all up.

    Plus, removing the taboo element from pot will remove it as a commodity off the black market, and dish a serious blow to organized elements of crime, such as the Mexican drug cartels (who primarily use pot to fund distribution of harder stuff). Its a win-win situation. And just because it’s legalized, doesn’t mean everyone is going to start smoking it. To each their own opinions on that matter.

    Plus, if it were regulated and say, only distributed from pharmacies (gotta really research that one though because of the oxy situation), then it will help curb it from falling in the hands of minors. See, they are already getting it, because they just get it from that “Gateway Dealer” that eventually may lead them to harder stuff anyways. So you have eliminated many factors to kids getting involved with the real hard stuff, just by legalizing and regulating it properly, plus making some money off it instead of blowing money fighting it. As well, it is not addictive like the hard stuff that people could get introduced to at the “Gateway Dealer”.

    (pot is not a gateway drug, it is the dealer, and always keep that in mind)

  4. With his vast knowledge of drugs, we should vote for Grimalot as Fuzzy Minister

  5. I tell you, if that ever happened, it would be a vote for Canada and all Canadians alike. I’d actually listen to my constituents. I’d actually drum up logical approaches to various issues. At least try some things for a set term of time and if it didn’t work out, then think of something else. But I care for Canada, I care for what goes on. And I wouldn’t tow the party line either. Everything I do would actually be transparent.

  6. Yeah, you sound transparent

  7. Well to a point Antipasta. I wouldn’t let the power get to my head, I’d actually try to do for my constituents. Just as a hypothetical situation of course. I have no intentions of running in any politics. And of course, if I ever did, it wouldn’t be with my pseudonym either.

  8. Let me understand this. This Bill would mean that Lauzon would have to be pushing over ten thousand adult SD&G residents into box cars on their way to marijuana camps and prisons. Over ten thousand SD&G residents smoke weed every day. Oh…I get it now…that why he needs so many long guns. Right. Then what, Lauzon get one half of the police to arrest the other half? Why do you want to put everyone in jail, Mr. Lauzon? What’s wrong with you on the inside? Why do you feel the need to hunt another generation? Is that it, the thrill of the hunt? Hunting Canadians.

  9. Bingo. They want to run our lives, even though 70% of the country wants them to do some things differently!

  10. Spanner, It worked for Hitler and Mussolini’. King Stephen is cut from the same cloth. Silence.

  11. You people actually sound weird! It’s all you, you, you, you and you! You may have convinced yourselves but you don’t convince me!

  12. Who’s trying to convince you.. you can live out the life you wish. We’re just talking logic.

  13. It usually sounds weird when it’s uncomfortable to confront a new idea. In 1966 if a man was caught, convicted and found guilty of the indictable criminal offense of being homosexual he was facing a penalty of 14 years and could certainly be fired from his job or blackmailed by foreign agencies. Their were terrible and untrue stigmas attached to the lifestyle. Then the government introduced a two year moratorium on laying charges to finally fully legalize the behaviour. There was no vote on it. Not everyone thought gay life was moral but they had to accept it. It was the same with the abortion rallies in the sixties. Not everyone thought it was moral but it had to be accepted. If we left everything to voting we would have no dancing on Sunday or an effective Commonwealth Senate. So historically we have leaned away from criminalizing behaviour that is of no consequence to anyone else. What we’re continuing to learn with the social media is that the credibility of their outlets skyrockets when the traditional media focus on some guy wearing a costume or some kid passing a bong. That just doesn’t work now. Not when an entire medical community is following the real news, not when the real movers and shakers get it now. They understand there is no political threat to accepting legalization. It’s not a crime. People grow it and sell it so people can buy it. Some people go to a bread dealer, some to a milk dealer. Some farmers will switch from sunflower seed or soy to hemp seed because of the greater oil content. Some mills will manufacture blue jeans out of hemp instead of cotton because of the longer fiber. That’s an instant SD&G idea right there. We are totally set up to take advantage of it. So there is a lot of logic. We need be concerned but not fearful. People just need to get over the old stigmas associated with a marginalized slice of society. We’ve all done that before haven’t we?

  14. Well said Spanner!

  15. Why would anyone want to suck into their lungs any kind of smoke be it marijuana or regular cigarettes, or any other source of smoke–stupid in my opinion.

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