World’s Oldest Gangster, Sonny Franzese, Nabbed for Allegedly Shaking Down Penthouse & Hustler Peeler Bars

Cornwall ON – I love this story.   What a character this guy must be in between allegedly making bodies disappear and boys being boys in a Soprano kind of way.   This guy,Sonny Franzese,  is 93 and on parole until he’s 102!


One of the henchmen threatened to throw him down the stairs, “asking whether he could come up with a way to get rid of the bill before his head hit the ground,” prosecutors said in court papers.

The most chilling recording contains Franzese’s advice on disposing of a victim by dismembering the corpse in a kiddie pool and drying the body parts in a microwave oven before stuffing them in a commercial-grade garbage disposal.

“You can’t have a body no more,” Franzese said. “It’s better to take that half an hour, an hour, to get rid of the body than it is just to leave the body in the street.”

And that’s that.

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