Stick a Fork in Helena Guergis – Former Cabinet Minister tossed from Harper Conservative Caucus – Cornwall Ontario – May 6, 2010

Cornwall ON – Disgraced former Cabinet Minister Helena Guergis will not be the Conservative running in her riding next election.

Embroiled with her own actions in airports and the stank of her husband, former MP Rahim Jaffer media reports stated that Ms Guergis has been kicked out of the Conservative Caucus.


When Prime Minister Stephen Harper fired Guergis from her position as minister of state for the status of women on April 9, he also kicked her out of the Conservative caucus and asked both the RCMP and Parliament’s ethics commissioner to investigate allegations about her conduct.

Now, Guergis can no longer run as a Conservative in the mid-Ontario riding that has elected her three times with ever-increasing majorities.

It’s stick a fork in this former Conservative hellion.   What do you think Canada?  Is Mr. Harper being too hard on his former Cabinet Minister?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Break the rules, suffer the consequences!

  2. If she has done wrong and it can be backed-up by the RCMP in their investigations, then Stephen Harper has done the right thing. At the same time, I’d like to think that the Prime Minister knew, without a doubt, that Helena Guergis did, in fact, deserve to be canned! There is no room for corruption in politics. By the way, did we see Jean Chretien fire anyone over the adscam diatribes?

  3. Who cares what Chretien did anymore? We’re almost 6 or 8 years later now. And we still don’t have any better!

  4. Hey, I hear there is now another Conservative MP (in Calgary) embroiled in something to do with BMO and fraudulent real estate transactions or something like that. If this turns out to be true, this is now 5 of the current, Conservative government MP’s that are now embroiled in something. What’s going on here with the government at the helm? How many more are going to come out of the woodwork in bad dealings? This government is slowly starting to sound worse than any ADSCAM!

  5. I heard today that Geurgis is going to fight this, and still wants to run for the Conservatives…after all, she hasn’t really been formally accused of anything other than a hissy fit, right? We still don’t know why Harper booted her out of caucus.

  6. Spanner says………….there is no room for corruption in politics. Jesus Murphy folks, that is all their is in politics. God forbid the masses vote for an honest person. And thus, the reason people don’t vote.

  7. She and her husband have behaved disgracefully. Even if the local riding association supports her ( and a lot of them are her relatives) if the PM doesn’t, how is she going to be able to do her job effectively for the people who live in Simcoe Grey?

  8. Rodney’s on the money: what’s happened to innocent until proven guilty? You don’t have to be a Guergis fan to see how shabbily and hypocritically–compare the treatment of Maxime “clothes-horse” Bernier–she is being treated. Makes you wonder how much sexism has to do with the Harper gang’s decisions–look at their double standard on abortion–and how low they will go. How much longer, Canada?

  9. Harper will get rid of anyone he deems a threat, we all know that. However, Guergis and Jaffer are hardly excusable.. let her defend herself, but still, when you’re caught up in the crap, you shouldn’t be left to be a negative influence on everyone else..

  10. A whole bunch of them are crooks.

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