Coronation Street Tid Bits – SPOILER WARNING to Canadian Viewers – Cornwall Ontario – May 7, 2010

Cornwall ON – So my fellow Canadian Coronation Street fans I have some dish to share with you.  Some of it is a sneak peek so STOP reading if you don’t want to know ahead of time because as most of you know we Canadians are nearly a year behind Corrie eps in the UK.

Sally Whittaker (Sally Webster on Corrie) was apparently fighting off Cancer in real life as she will on upcoming Canadian episodes.


Whittaker returns to work in June following six months of treatment.

Her character, Sally Webster, was seen telling husband Kevin she had to undergo breast cancer treatment in last year’s Christmas Day episode.

The actress has had to undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy and decided to shave her hair off before it began to fall out.

“As a result of the early diagnosis my treatment has been very successful… this storyline could very well have saved my life,” she said.

While not one of my faves on the show Sally has been on forever.  Good to see her making a strong recovery from the disease.

On Canadian episodes now Claire Peacock has just collapsed with a blood clot and is fighting for her life.  Sadly it looks like the Peacock family are leaving the show, and Ashley (Steven Arnold) is actually leaving the acting biz completely, at least until the show brings him back one day.


Steven and Julia Haworth, who plays his on-screen wife Claire, have been given the chop by new producer Phil Collinson.

A source told the News of the World: “He wants a complete change and it’s a world away from the pressure cooker atmosphere of Coronation Street.

“Steven has always said that when his time is up on the Street he would do something completely different.

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