Project Paradigm Nabs Marijuana Haul in North Lancaster Ontario – May 8, 2010


North Lancaster, ON – On the night of the 03rd of May 2010, members of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry (SDG) OPP Detachment and the Organized Crime Enforcement Bureau (OCEB) – Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) – Project Paradigm, assisted by the OPP Emergency Response Team (ERT), and Canine Unit conducted a Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA) warrant at a residence and steel barn located on County Road 18, North Lancaster (South Glengarry Twp), ON.

When police arrived at scene, a male fled the scene and was quickly apprehended by the Canine officer.

Police uncovered an indoor marihuana grow operation inside a large steel barn, along with a hydro by-pass. Marihuana plants were being processed inside the residence.

Police dismantled the operation the following day. As a result, police seized:

    1. 269 budding marihuana plants inside the steel barn.
    2. 600 cannabis marihuana plants had also been recently harvested.
    3. 25 pounds of packaged marihuana bud
    4. various grow equipment, and
    5. two (2) insecure long-guns with ammunition.

The projected street value of the cannabis marihuana plants is estimated at $269,000. The street value of the cannabis marihuana bud is estimated at $113,500.

Total estimated street value: $382,500.

Rejean GRENIER (40) of St-Clet, Quebec, was held for a bail hearing, and charged with:

  • Production of cannabis marihuana
  • Possession of cannabis marihuana for the purpose of trafficking
  • Theft of Hydro

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  1. 269 budding marijuana plants, 600 harvested plants, 25 pounds of bud, blah blah frickin’ blah. This is a drop in an ocean. Worse than that, every bust, big or small, is a subsidy to the 95% of growers and dealers who will never be caught. The cops are subsidizing the very thing they claim to be fighting in an effort to broaded their powers and expand their budgets. Prohibition is a make-work scam for cops who are too stupid, lazy, or fat to be security guards.

    Russell Barth
    Federally Licensed Medical Marijuana User
    Drug Reform Analyst and Consultant
    Educators for Sensible Drug Policy

  2. The whole system we have right now is a make work scam.. right down to the smuggling issue. Thats why they don’t drop the taxes. So they can attempt to justify pissing away so many of our taxpayer dollars!

    If pot were legal, this wouldn’t have ever happened in the first place either. There wouldn’t be people producing it like mad anymore. And it would singlehandedly dish the biggest blow to organized crime, probably in history.

    But I guess our governments just aren’t progressive enough to see that.. Or maybe they are, but then back to your point on that Russell!

  3. The common element in all this is that people are willing to pay for it, and that sets the whole ball in motion.
    Many I imagine are normally law abiding, good citizens who buy the products that keep gangs going, but of course then are not law abiding, making it legal will affect gangs how?

    When a person or group is insulted, no matter how funny, it really takes away from your argument.

  4. Russel Barth, why you are commenting? You are a user and your opinion means nothing!

  5. People are willing to pay for it. Thats exactly why, like alcohol, it should be treated the same. Then its regulated, the government is actually making something off of it instead of blowing potloads of our money fighting it, and further research can be done on it as well. Plus it deals a massive blow to organized crime, which unfortunately this is probably all about, because then it cannot be used as a commodity to get to the better stuff.

    Many people don’t want to buy, they want to grow their own, and avoid the whole criminal element altogether. I keep stating that the dealer is the gateway to harder stuff, not the pot. You are absolutely right again, the common element is people are willing to pay for it, because of fear of making their own due to these regressive laws surrounding it. And again, those laws are only in place as a make work situation. There are powers to be, certain lobbyists, oil companies, pharmaceutical companies, all of which rip us off big time as it is, that will stop at nothing to make sure it stays criminalized, so as to reap maximum profit off of what they do.

    I say legalize it for a year, regulate it, maybe 2 years, would be better if Canada, USA, and Mexico all did the same, and watch what happens. Id be surprised if things didn’t drastically improve on the crime scale as well as the social scale in all our countries combined. And if it didn’t, then I guess go back to the old ways.

  6. Why do people blame police for enforcing the law? They are just doing their job. If you want to blame anyone blame the politicians who passed the laws….like the current Federal government who want to make punishments even harsher and more regressive.

  7. Well I know that the police are only enforcing the law. I blame purely the politicians and other entities for the laws being the way they are at the moment.

  8. Do we keep legalizing? What is next after pot? I doubt all three countries would legalize or consider this until at least a decent detector could be made for roadside checks anyway.

    Reg, the 2 for 1 credit for time served has pushed the envelope too far, Lawyers stall cases so their client will not serve the time they should.

  9. He’s talking about Bill C-S10 there Eric. What was next after alcohol otherwise? The Netherlands legalized pot, they didn’t legalize everything else and it all remains criminalized after, and they didn’t get swamped with problems. To sit there and use that argument is pointless.

  10. Yes the Dutch legalized pot, and we now we can’t understand a word they say.

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