Are Canadian Federal Election Drums a Beating? Is it Showtime? What do you think Canada? Cornwall Ontario – May 11, 2010

Cornwall ON – So how close are we to a Federal Election call?   We had our own Ottawa pundit & View From the Hill columnist, Keith Beardsley, on Thursday May 6th and he suggested a call as early as this week.    Surely Prime Minister Harper won’t call an election unless he feels that it’s his best shot at a Majority.

Does he have a future if he can’t get his party a majority?  What do you think Canada and are the NDP posed to leap frog over the Liberal Party of Canada under Michael Ignatieff?

Leader Jack Layton, while getting treatment for Cancer has seen his party’s numbers grow as he tries to keep out of the pedantically hate politics of the two larger parties.

Thomas Mulcair’s big question is can he deliver more seats in Quebec for the NDP and would those be Bloc seats or Liberal ones?

Is the message that NDP politics in Quebec are a good fit for those voters as an alternative to the Conservatives and Liberals enough to swing Bloc voters?

With Jaffergate, the Marc Emery case, and the impact of Greece on the world economy and the Stimulus monies spent; not to mention Afghanistan is the Harper government simply running out of steam and time?

Which Party best represents your views on today's Issues?

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Are you Satisfied with the performance of the Conservative Government?

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What do you think Canada?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. I hope that we wake up and realize that if we give any money to Greece then it should be a gift and not a loan. They presently can’t pay monies that they owe, so how would you expect them to repay a loan? They don’t have a CEO like the one GM has, who said that they’ve repaid the money lent to them by the various governments! Don’t you just love his style of arithmetic?

  2. I love this world we live in. Car company stinks out and can’t compete; we give them money. Banks screw up; we give them money. Innocent people lose their jobs. Nope. No can do. Small business struggling; many times because of the cost of being taxed; (accountants are expensive) is there any money for us? Pretty much not.

    Is it me or is there something totally all wrong with this?

  3. Something is totally wrong about this!


    I hear it loud and clear from all the way down here in Singapore.

    Good-bye to the coservatives weak minority.

    Harper the pro rogue will get another break, enough time to write a book me thinks.

  5. The Cons will never win a majority, thank Dog, with Harper as the leader. I find it almost surprising that he didn’t step aside after the last election, but I’m happy that he didn’t.
    Interesting poll above.
    Which Party best represents your views on today’s Issues? The Cons are leading by 31 votes.
    Are you Satisfied with the performance of the Conservative Government? No (67%, 138 Votes) Yes (33%, 67 Votes) That’s got me scratching my head a bit.

  6. Hi Furtz, I think that’s called “Stink Syndrome” where voters hold their nose and pick someone. If Apathy were a candidate in the last election I think we’d have a majority government.

  7. Maybe people have the old Prog-Cons confused with the new extremely religious right Cons.
    I heard someone describe the merging if the two parties this way. You take a quart of really good ice cream (Prog-Cons), and mix in a quart of dog poop (Reformers), and you get two quarts of dog poop.
    Quite sad really.

  8. Developments in the UK deserve our closest attention. Gordon Brown to resign as PM, accepting a minority vote for his party as “a judgment” on his leadership…thereby putting the interest of his party ahead of himself. The outcome could be a Labour-Liberal Democratic coalition government. In contrast, we in Canada have a spiteful megalomaniac as PM with a contempt for liberal democracy–his strike against a coalition in December 2008 was totally self-interested. Stay tuned for dramatic change here, if the UK goes for a coalition…timely and welcome change.

  9. Other than Mr. Harper’s interest I see no reason why parties forming a coalition to govern is such an issue? If it did happen more often perhaps more voters would give consideration to their vote and maybe, just maybe, more people would vote?

  10. admin, Yes! If a coalition government is formed in the UK, my understanding is that Canada will be a dinosaur–the only hold-out against coaltions– among parliamentary democracies. In other words, high time we Canadians despatched our dinosaur, politburo-lookalike PM and joined the 21st century.

  11. As much as I would love to see an election soon, and the end of the nasty Harper government, why not welcome a coalition government made up by the three other parties that indeed did get more votes (combined) than the Harperites? Unfortunately, it seems that most of our population doesn’t know how our parliamentary system works. The rabid right got all bent out of shape the last time that possibility arose. I think it would be a fine thing to have a government formed by elected MPs from different parties.

  12. Good points, Furtz. Harper & Co count on spin, intimidation tactics, an ignorant electorate, and a divided country. Decent, democracy-loving Canadians have to oppose intimidation and demand change. We have to take our country back; otherwise we shall have no one but ourselves to blame.

  13. If the libs and the ndp and the other parties think they can pick up seats or ballots there will be great pressure to force the cons to give in on a variety of bills. I hear that the Ottawa knife sharpeners are doing a fair business.

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