Feed a City music CD to raise Funds for the Agape Centre by Marina Restinetti – Cornwall Ontario – May 11, 2010

Cornwall ON – Not only does music soothe the savage beast, but it can also feed a hungry stomach. Javey Entertainment along with Elite World Artists (EWA) plan to turn music into grub with their self-produced compilation CD, Feed a City, which is to be released on Saturday May 15.

The album includes a wide variety of songs donated from a long list of local musicians, a track from hip hop artist Choclair, and a specially written song called “Feed the city” written and performed by EWA. All proceeds are being donated to the Agape centre.

EWA is a hip hop group who joined forces in 2008 and is made up of 8 adult performers and three children between the ages of 10-12. Their first album titled Volume 1 was written, recorded and produced in their very own studio. “We are like a family and we all bring something to the table,” said Davey Bedard aka Rye Vicious, proprietor of Javey Entertainment and EWA member. A second album is in the works.

It hasn’t always been smooth rhymes for EWA. “Almost everybody has a misconception of our type of music,” explained Guyanne Bedard aka Hollywood. “They really think that we’re gangsters but we’re not. People don’t usually realize what we are all about until they’ve seen our show.”

With all the charity work that EWA has participated in, there’s no wonder why this group has begun to achieve local recognition.

EWA’s idea of feeding our city arose back in 2009 when they hosted Battle for Hunger, a rap battle event which raised an estimated $500 for the Agape Centre as well as canned goods in which they personally delivered to the centre.

“It felt so good and at that moment we had an epiphany. We can help feed the city with music as our medium,” explained Davey Bedard

Following Battle for Hunger was a EWA concert at Central Public School where in return, the students would participate in a food drive for the Agape Centre and were given the incentive of a pizza party for the class that collected the most goods.

EWA also hosted an event to raise money for the Haiti earthquake disaster which in return brought in over $4000.

In total, EWA has risen over $16,000 in the last 6 months for a number of causes and has contributed their own financial gains back into each charitable project they’ve organized.

The Feed the City CD release party will be held at The Player’s Club, 713 Pitt Street, on Saturday, May 15. There will be an all age’s show from 2pm-6pm followed by an adult show at 10pm-2am. CD’s will be available for $10.

Come out and show your support for local artists and help feed a city one track at a time.

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