Reggie Walker, homeless, arrives in Cornwall Ontario for 5 days – May 17, 2010

Cornwall ON – It’s not everyday that a homeless person gets the front page of a newspaper; especially if it doesn’t involve a crime or they’re being a statistic.

Gary Samler is a Poverty Activist; well he’s not an advocate for poverty, but the fight for poverty.     Cornwall Ontario does a pretty darn good job when it comes to the homeless, but as his alter ego “Reggie Walker” Mr. Samler, who is also running for City Council is going to wander the streets for five days as a Social experiment.

He will not have a cell phone with him and rely on the streets for his survival.   $1 meals at the Agape Centre, and bedding down where nature takes him is the call of the day for Mr. Walker and we’ll be tracking him during the week and keeping you up to date on his travails.

Mr. Walker will be panhandling, which is against the law in Cornwall although we hear the best spots to do so are in front of the liquor stores between 8-11 in the mornings.    Any proceeds collected by Reggie will go to the Agape Centre.   He will be accepting donations of food if you bump into him on the street.

He arrived at the bus depot with no fanfare at noon today and started out heading to the mall and then where fate takes him as it was too late for him to make it to lunch at the Agape centre where he’s hoping to eat every day.

We’re hoping to also interview Mr. Walker tomorrow on starting at 1:30 PM.

Video excerpts from Reggie Walker arrival in Cornwall Ontario


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  1. wow those are great pictures! GOOD LUCK REGGIE

  2. Good Luck Reggie. Hope you can provide readers with needed insights into the lives of homeless people. For most of us, the homeless are out of sight and out of mind.

  3. With so much media attention, he will be recognized. Thus, turning it into a media stunt.

  4. I did not know the waiting list for cornwall social housing have 750 persons waiting! {LINK MODERATION}

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