Mark MacDonald Says No to 36.8% Salary Increase for Cornwall Ontario City Council – May 18, 2010

Cornwall ON – Cornwall City Councilor Mark MacDonald isn’t too pleased with the proposed increase in Cornwall Ontario City Councilors salaries by 36.8%.   He’s so incensed that he’s started a facebook page to foster opposition to the proposal.

Next Tuesday night, the 25th, is showdown at City Council over the issue so if you have a feeling, one way or the other now is the time to share it.

You can post your thoughts here, or click on the link to his face book page or contact Councilor MacDonald via email  or phone 613.935.8584

Council Salary Protest Video


  1. At least one Councilor seems to understand!

  2. One down, nine to go, without the Mayor.

  3. I’m upset too. I wouldn’t run for Mayor for less than $40,000.00.

  4. I would really like to see the council salary protest video however I do not wish to join face book to do so. Can you run a link from the Cornwall Free News site? I’m sure others woulc appreciate that.

  5. I don’t blame Mr. I wouldn’t run for less than $40 K either.

  6. Mark MacDonald is a man of integrity. He is there because he gives a dam about our city. That makes him a target to most other unscrupulous politicians.

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