View from the Hill by Keith Beardsley – MPs Running from the Auditor General – Cornwall Ontario – May 18, 2010

Cornwall ON – There are media reports that the Auditor General in Nova Scotia has called in the RCMP to investigate four former members and one sitting member of the Nova Scotia legislature.

No surprise then that our federal MPs turned tail and ran at even the suggestion that Shelia Fraser look at their books.

One of the stupidest excuses was from Paul Szabo, the same MP who went on a witch hunt to track down every last cent of Mulroney’s money, who suggested that the public shouldn’t see his own spending, as we would then find out how many times MPS are sued and for what reasons. So just what does Mr Szabo know that he thinks needs to be covered up?  Yes we would learn a few things it would certainly expose a more too. Perhaps we might find out if there were cases of sexual harassment, or verbal abuse of staff, or wrongful dismals?

We would also find out just how much we, the taxpayers were paying to settle these cases before they went to court as MPs and the House try to keep them out of the public eye. For most MPs, it might even stop frivolous lawsuits as the person suing the MP would know their actions would become public knowledge.

Our MPs defend themselves because they say they already have an internal private audit done. Of course they won’t release those details either. I wonder if Nova Scotia and Newfoundland had a private audit system in place prior to their respective Auditor Generals reviewing their spending habits.

The present example in Nova Scotia and the former one in Newfoundland highlight why MPs must come clean. Hiding behind their title as though that should shield them from public scrutiny is arrogant to say the least.

We, the taxpayers of Canada, elect you and you serve us. We pay your salaries and that of your staff. It is our hard earned dollars sitting in the office budgets that you spend. It is time for all of our elected MPs to get off their high horse and face reality. You are not entitled to our money, you are entrusted with it. We deserve to know that you are spending it wisely.

Keith Beardsley is a senior strategist for True North Public Affairs in Ottawa, as well as a blogger and political analyst. He can often be found running or cycling on his favorite bike trails.

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  1. Very well said, especially your last paragraph!

  2. So far 3 people voted ‘no’ in the poll on this?? Incredible!

  3. 4 now.. Probably some more Con’s wanting to hide something..

  4. What is even further interesting, is that 8 votes show up on “Because its none of their business”. Weird.

  5. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion grimmy. Not everyone wants to go at them like gangbusters!

  6. Sure what the 308 spend money on should be checked, but I am more concerned about the hundred thousand employees and those totals.

    Many of them may follow procedures, but are the procedures designed to create work or add / catch expense? I am thinking of the end of March budgets that must be spent or your budget is reduced next year kind of thing.

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