Habs Clip Flyers 5-1 – Cammallieri breaks Drought – And a City Sleeps Well tonight Dreaming of Lord Stanley’s Cup – May 21, 2010

Cornwall ON – Ok, I’m not supposed to be writing this.  I’m supposed to be taking my first day off in over two months, but just when it was feeling good to write off the Habs they showed some back bone and spunk, led by my favorite Hab Mike Cammallieri.

Now growing up in the 70’s I had a favorite Hab back then too.   It was Steve Shutt.   He wasn’t a fighter and he wasn’t pretty.    He didn’t burst down the wing like Guy La Fleur and BOOM goals into existence.

He worked his ass off.  He had grit, and he was a winner.   He made more out of his talent than 90% of the other players in the NHL and he had a very special talent.   For scoring goals and winning Stanley Cups.  I’d pick him on my team any time, and one day I had the opportunity to be on his team and it was a blast.

In the 90’s we got to work together before and during his time as a coach for Montreal.    He turned out the be even better than the person I thought he’d be while watching games on CBC, which is where Hockey should always be watched.

Now that’s a long assed Tangent 🙂

Mike Cammallieri is a Steve Shutt kind of guy.   And tonight he broke open the scoring and led the Habs to a win giving an entire city, if not country hope.   That’s not too shabby.

Tom Pyatt had over 15 minutes of ice time proving that SPEED KILLS.   There are some floaters on this team and it looks like Coach Martin is trying to minimize their impact on this series and after tonight’s win it is a series again.

The Habs came on fierce in the first period and kept up the pressure although some of them are playing like “Little Girls.”   Luckily PK Subban, Brian Gionta, Scott Gomez, Josh Gorges, and a few others not named Kostitsyn are bringing their games up a notch.

Especially after Andrei Markov had his surgery and is gone for six months.

What do you think Canada?  Can the Habs win this series?   You can post your comments below.

See you on Saturday!

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  1. Yes, the HABS can do it. They are back.

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