Cornawall Ontario Warns Residents About Water Testing Scam – May 21, 2010

City Warns of Water Testing Scam

Cornwall ON – The City of Cornwall has become aware of recent instances where City homeowners are being approached by individuals offering a free analysis of the home’s drinking water.

The City is not currently contacting homeowners with offers to analyze drinking water samples. Residents should be aware that any individuals who are undertaking these efforts are not City employees, nor do they represent the City of Cornwall.

The City wants to ensure all citizens that Cornwall’s municipal drinking water is safe.

This issue has been raised before, and a similar statement of warning was issued by the City in January of this year. The Friday May 21 issue of the Standard-Freeholder carried a story that quoted the Cornwall Police Services as saying they were investigating recent incidents.  Should you have any information concerning the actions of the people posing as inspectors, please contact Det. Sgt. Jeff Carroll at 613-932-2110, ext. 2605, or call Crime Stoppers at 613-937-8477.

Should you have any concerns about this situation or the quality of your drinking water please contact the City’s Water Purification Plant Supervisor Owen O’keefe, at 613-930-2787 x2573.

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  1. The simple water company in question that is marketing this with the aid of pyramid referrals is offering to install equipment that will work and fulfill what it claims it will do. It will clean your water. They do not misrepresent the equipment or the science. The cost is $75.00 a month with a ten year contract. The same type of water filtration equipment would normally cost about $400.00 from anyone else. This company gives you the opportunity to pay $10,000.00 and they through in a box of soap. It’s a two hour high pressure slick hypnotic sales pitch directed at new and buying home owners. I don’t know what the cooling off period is for signing this sort of contract. Clearly many people desire higher water quality. There is no law against asking people to pay too much for something. It’s a shame the legitimate water filtration companies that offer normally priced services are missing the demand that clearly exists. It’s good science at ten times the price.

  2. This is definitely a scam! These door to door salespeople are attempting to undermine the resident’s confidence in their municipal water by way of a shady demonstration that makes your water appear dirty.
    The demo is a science trick that causes naturally occuring minerals in the water to drop out of solution, much like dissolving sugar in a glass of water and then being able to make the sugar recrystallize.
    These people are using scare tactics and misrepresentation to their full extent possible. Is it legal? Not really, but some would say they aren’t exactly crossing the line. It IS however still a complete scam.
    Ontario municipally delivered water is still some of the best drinking water in the world, and, thanks to our famous Kable brothers in Walkerton, we have one of the most scrutinized water legislation in the country, if not North America.

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