Cornwall Ontario City Council Cancels Gym plans and moves dollars to St. Lawrence College – May 21, 2010

Cornwall ON – Cornwall City Council has scrapped a gym project’s funding so as to be able to pass those dollars onto St. Lawrence College.    Funding that was being mightily aided by both Provincial and Federal funding.  Meetings recently saw both issues debated and voted on.


Following the tour, Kilger said he’s even more convinced that council made the right decision to contribute $1 million to the project. Municipalities have taken a more noticeable role in funding education and health-care initiatives, and those investments are necessary in order to remain competitive, he added.



City council has scrapped a plan to build a gymnasium onto the civic complex, leaving some $1.2 million in senior government funding on the table.


Now to me I find this a bit…….well it doesn’t feel right; especially as a tax paying resident of Cornwall.  I mean the College is great, but does the city really need to be writing cheques of this size to the College?    And yes, there are some super gyms in this town, but there are large amounts of people in the city that can’t afford to use them.

In these days of obesity and fast food, having a city gym isn’t necessarily the worst allocation of our tax dollars.    Ultimately more people could use a gym 365 days per year than probably would skate at an arena.

I think we need to stop putting so many tax dollars into the hands of so few people.   I think someone at City Hall has the purpose of the city viewed through the wrong end of the Looking Glass.

What do you think Cornwall?  You can post our comments below.

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  1. Reading the part about “Municipalities have taken a more noticeable role in funding education and health-care initiatives”, made me wonder if they understand how many taxpayers there are. Really, there is only one funding all three levels plus running our own homes.

    To me, the arena is more central for biking and parking, but will staffing costs / maintenance be the same?

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