Cornwall Hockey Student is going on a Mission Trip to Guyana and Trinidad for two weeks on a Mission Trip – Cornwall Ontario – May 23, 2010

Cornwall Hockey Student is going on a Mission Trip
By Jason Setnyk

Cornwall ON – For many student athletes their mission at the Ontario Hockey Academy is to make it to the next level and to become a professional hockey player.

Nikolaus Robidas is one of over a hundred students that attends the Cornwall school and has that very mission. Robidas who is still committed to hockey, has another mission in mind for this summer.

On June 30th with a church group, Robidas will be traveling to Guyana and Trinidad for two weeks on a Mission Trip. “I believe this will be a life changing event for me.

I trust this excursion will have many positive influences in my life and that I will come back with  a wealth of knowledge that no school book would be able to provide.”

Perhaps it is only fitting that an Ontario Hockey Academy student will be traveling abroad this summer, after all, students from fifteen different countries around the world have attended the Cornwall based school. Teachers have pitched in with fundraising efforts to help offset some of the cost of the airplane ticket. The fundraiser is called, “What would I do for Nikolaus Robidas”.

Students and staff can donate money into jars, and the teacher who raises the most money has to do what they promised. Teacher and dorm parent Laura McMorrow said if she raises the most money she will burp the alphabet in the cafeteria. Math teacher Mike Lauzon says if he wins, he will clean a students dorm room. While English teacher Jason Setnyk has offered an acoustic concert for the OHA if he wins. The front runners though are Assistant Dean and Economics teacher Josh Harrison and Science teacher Ryan Groves who both said they would dress up like woman for a day at school, and principal Dr. Kris Rothley who is a vegan, promised she would take some students to McDonalds, and let them pick her meal if she won.

Both have raised over $60 each in a close race to raise the most money for this worthy cause. About $250 has been raised after a week of fundraising.

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