Coronation Street’s Craig Gazey Loves Phillip Seymour Hoffman while Keifer Sutherland just loves Corrie! Cornwall Ontario – May 23, 2010

Cornwall ON – Kiefer Sutherland loves his Coronation Street.  The actor, who grew up in Canada and is the grand son of the father of Medicare, Tommy Douglas, shared his love for the British Social Drama  in a recent article.


“When I was a kid there was always ‘Coronation Street’ and more recently ‘The Office’. I love it but find it very difficult to watch – especially when I see myself in David Brent and think, ‘I’ve done that’.”

In other Corrie news comic relief Gavin Proctor(Craig Gazey) said he doesn’t see himself on Corrie forever.


“I’m not going to stay in Weatherfield forever. I love it, it’s been great for me but I want to do lots of other things.”

“I never like getting too comfortable in one place and I want to do other things.”

“My hero is Philip Seymour Hoffman, he does comedy, he does straight. He’s amazing.”

And that’s your current Corrie wrap.     Who’s your favorite Corrie character and which story lines do you like or hate.  You can post your comments below.

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