Tuesday May 25 – Cornwall Ontario City Council Showdown Over 36.8% Salary Raise Expected – May 23, 2010

Cornwall ON – It should be fun at Council this Tuesday.    City Councilor Mark MacDonald has organized a Facebook page and movement protesting the possibility that the Council will give themselves a 36.8% salary increase.

Very few of the councilors I’ve spoken with over the last week have been willing to go on the record, but we’ll be LIVE on Seawayradio.com Wednesday from 1:30 PM talking about this and other hot topic issues so if you want to have your say you can call in or email us at info@cornwallfreenews.com

The arguments have been clear.   Councilor MacDonald and his supporters feel that in a recession you shouldn’t be taking such a large raise.    Last year councilors had a modest cut.  Councilor Denis Thibault donated his last raise to charity.   The common theme I heard was that nobody runs for City Council based on the stipend.

Councilor Grant on the Subject:


Councilor Gardiner:


Do you think Cornwall City Council Should have their Salary raised 36.8% as proposed? You can make up to two selections.

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  1. Can’t wait.

  2. You sure have creative math!!!!

  3. Do you think that salary has no impact on who feels compelled to run? Who would be willing to run at $80K, $60K, $30K, $20K, $15K? What would that list look like? If we forgot about the cash for a moment…what would that dream team list look like? Could they pay for themselves? Stop serving me the cheapest coffee and bread available. I’ll pay 1% more in taxes – you give me the absolute best, ok?

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