Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson ” Look after me and he’ll look after you” caught selling access to Royals – Cornwall Ontario – May 24, 2010

Cornwall ON – Sarah Ferguson, the  Duchess of York has been caught on tape selling connections to her former husband.


Unknown to the Prince, Fergie PROMISED to introduce us to him, CLAIMED he’d help fix lucrative deals and DEMANDED a cut of all profits. She vowed: “Look after me and he’ll look after you. . . you’ll get it back tenfold. I can open any door you want.”



“I have not got a bean to my name. I’m a taxpayer, a British taxpayer and I left the royal family for freedom and in freedom it means I am bereft. I’m hopeless.”


However, in the last two years, the Duchess’s finances have gone from bad to worse. Much of her troubles stem from the fact that she is no longer the £2 million-a-year international ambassador for WeightWatchers (though her aides say it was the Duchess’s decision to give it up). Her once-lucrative television appearances and her public speaking opportunities in the US are now few and far between.

Sounds like Ms Ferguson is not going to be spending any cosy family holidays in Buckingham palace any time soon….

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  1. Two million pounds a year from Weight watchers and she has money troubles!!!!???

  2. Yes, isn’t it great! She aspired to be a Royal but the end result is she’s lower-than-the-low! Hell….for $40,000 I’d connect you to Jamie even…..

  3. Takes after Jaffer it seems…

  4. She must be in training to become a politician.

  5. She always was too Liberal.

  6. Hey you guys. I costs a lot of money to be a globe-trotting gazillionaire. Give her a break.

  7. Not so much of a gazillionaire as it seems by the story. lol.. 😀

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