John Dunn will ride his bike from Ottawa to Cornwall Ontario June 1, 2010 to promote increased transparency and accountability for Child Welfare.

Ottawa ON – Former foster child, John Dunn of Ottawa, Ontario spends his days advocating for increased transparency and accountability of child-welfare services across Canada through the Foster Care Council of Canada, an organization of which he is the founding, volunteer executive director.

During the month of June 2010, (starting June 1st, at noon near Ottawa CAS and going through Cornwall) John will be riding his bicycle from Ottawa to Windsor, accompanied by a banner-clad truck and camper-trailer in an effort to raise awareness of the fact that Children’s Aid Societies across the province are in dire need of increased transparency and accountability to ensure that children and youth’s rights are being adhered to, applicable laws are being complied with, and offences are not being committed by these agencies, their staff, or board members.

This is where the Foster Care Council of Canada and their grass-roots publicity campaign known as the Ride for Accountability of Children’s Aid Societies (RACAS) comes in. It is hoped that the ride will garner the attention and active response from the public, professionals, and government authorities who all have a moral, and/or statutory responsibility to oversee Children’s Aid Societies and investigate.


  1. Good job John! You’ve taken on such a great cause and the children of Ontario will benefit greatly from this 800km ride. A lot of innocent families and their children are behind you and look forward to seeing you along your journey.

  2. All the power to you, John. I know you’ve been working long and hard on this. Much success!

  3. Maybe this will continue to draw out those “closet dwellers”; people who are opposed to CAS practises but still afraid to openly disclose their opinions or take any activity within their community. I’m getting a great sense from where I am, because everything continues to remain so “PRO-CAS”…that even people who work with, or have friends who are CAS workers are hungry to latch onto something, that RACAS will have such a positive effect…drawing them out. Then they’ll feel less nervous or intimated to openly step forward. It is through the voice of the people & MOVEMENT that change happens.

  4. Here you go again, John! I’m so incredibly proud and honored to know you…you have been a great inspiration to me and the work I am doing for foster kids. You’re amazing!

  5. Well done John! The need for accountability of CAS in Ontario is dire without question.

    One only has to review the rash of horror stories and headline news to clearly see that. Ombudsman oversight of the CAS should have happened decades ago. This ride will bring much awareness to such an important issue for so, so many. Be well and safe on this journey!!

  6. CAS has just provided another weapon to teens and children to use to get their way, thereby promoting yet a more out of control society then was intended to help. The only way to fix this, is to make CAS accountable. They have too much power, a lot have let it get to their heads, and though they mean well for the most part, I have seen many families ripped apart because of them. And ripped apart for nothing. They give the children to the drugged up part of the family while they punish the good side. And unfortunately, most men are doomed if the CAS is sicked on them by anyone!

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