Bud Tender? California Union ups ante in upcoming November state vote on legalization of Marijuana – Cornwall Ontario – May 28, 2010

Cornwall ON – California wants to Unionize Pot Workers.   Terms like “Bud Grower” lead the way in a slew of new possible job openings in the legal Marijuana industry that’s up for vote in November.


The 26,000-member United Food and Commercial Workers Local 5 in San Jose is believed to be the first union in the country to organize workers in a marijuana-related business. It is considering new job classifications including “bud tender” – a sommelier of sorts who helps medical marijuana users choose the right strain for their ailment.

In addition to the retail clerks at the dispensaries, union organizers anticipate thousands of new cannabis-processing jobs, agricultural work for growers and security positions at dispensaries.

“These will be good union jobs with middle-class incomes,” said Ron Lind, the president of Local 5 and a vice president of the 1.3 million-member international union.

This against the back drop of Canada extraditing Canadian Marc Emery for selling seeds from his Canadian operation.

What do you think Canada?  Is it time to help our Marijuana industry keep up with California’s and legalize here before we lose countless jobs and start to rake in tax dollars?

Should Marijuana be Legalized in Canada?

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  1. With all the problems in the world why do some people think it is a good idea to do drugs?
    The question shouldn’t be whether or not it should be legal… the question should be do those who use this crap have any common sense?

  2. Glassbowl, please, get with reality and not dream land. We live in a world where we are fed “Drugs” via our food. We are fed “Drugs” via our tv’s and internet, via our newspapers. We as a society have been fed drugs for decades if not longer institutionally.

    Cigarettes big push came in WWI to keep the troops from not going insane in the trenches. Then after the truth of cigarettes started to come out junk food became the new drug to calm the masses.

    And of course we’ve had alcohol for an awfully long time too. You want to abuse substance abuse, fine, but it’s simply retarded to stick your head in the sand and try to do with Marijuana what made Al Capone so successful in the 20’s and 30’s.

    Aren’t you tired of seeing hospital beds shut while billions are wasted on chasing smoke?

  3. With all the problems in the world why do some people think it is a good idea to waste money stopping marijuana? The question shouldn’t be whether or not it should be legal… the question should be do those who fight against marijuana have any common sense?

  4. admin, following your logic, we should just kill those who are sick, look at the money we’d save.

  5. Cornwall Harry that’s quite illogical. Could you clarify where you get that from what was written?

  6. Admin: You totally missed the point. Legal issues aside it does not make sense to do pot. Say for example it was legalized. When you weigh the pros and cons it really doesn’t make sense to do it.

    Same for cigarettes. When you weigh the pros and cons it really doesn’t make sense to smoke. It should really be the debate.

  7. Glassbowl that isn’t this debate. That’s a whole other debate. The point here is simply why Marijuana shouldn’t be legal, taxed, and controlled, if those other substances aren’t.

    I agree people shouldn’t smoke cigarettes and that they have clearly been shown to be unhealthy and dangerous to people’s health, much more so than Marijuana or alcohol.

  8. Well it should be the debate. If everybody came to their senses and stop doing this crap it would solve a lot of problems.

  9. Once marijuana is legalized then we could on to heroin, cocaine, meth and other goodies that are “good and okay” for us. Where will it stop?

  10. What problems would it solve glassbowl if everyone stopped doing this? Are you saying all the problems in this world are because of pot smokers? Have you ever even tried it? Have you ever had some pain you wanted to make go away that other things honestly didn’t help? What about if you don’t believe in “Pharmaceutical Medications” that mess you up even more with side effects than anything you get from Marijuana? And besides, if they stopped investing so much money into fighting it, they’d have more to invest and ultimately help take care of “all the other problems”.

    Old Mafiosi: In the Netherlands, they legalized Marijuana. Just because they did that, they didn’t go and legalize the harder stuff. It’s still illegal. But they definitely have a booming business and income coming from the sale of Marijuana. It obviously stopped for them because they are not debating legalizing the hard stuff!

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