Cornwall Carbon Reduction Initiative hosts National Commuter Challenge May 30-June 5, 2010 – Cornwall Ontario

CCRI to Host Second Annual Cornwall Commuter Challenge

Cornwall, ON For the second year in a row, the Cornwall Carbon Reduction Initiative is acting as the community’s host organization for the national Commuter Challenge.  During Canadian Environment Week, from May 30 to June 5, the CCRI is encouraging residents and businesses throughout Cornwall to take advantage of the environmental benefits of alternative transportation, while competing nationally against other cities of similar size.

Commuter Challenge will be awarding prizes to the communities and national/provincial workplaces winners which will be declared based on participation rates in each population category.  According to Environment Canada, “Canadian Environment Week is the perfect time to celebrate our achievements and initiatives in tackling climate change and reducing air pollution.”

The CCRI is looking forward to engaging the community with the Commuter Challenge throughout Canadian Environment Week in order to increase awareness of local climate change issues and changes that residents can make to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions.  By participating and supporting a variety of local events during the upcoming Canadian Environment Week, CCRI hopes to contribute to a more sustainable and vital Cornwall and area.

Founded in 2006, the CCRI is a grassroots organization dedicated to providing outreach and education activities about climate change and greenhouse gas reduction.  Through an approach tailored to our community, the CCRI promotes long-term behavioural change and directs measurable actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Cornwall’s residential, commercial, and institutional sectors.

For more information, please call 613.932.2088 or email the CCRI  If you’d like to learn more about the CCRI’s activities, please visit


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