Jack Layton Shines Spot Light on Michael Ignatieff Over Conservative Budget – Cornwall Ontario – May 30, 2010

Cornwall ON – Jack Layton ripped into Michael Ignatieff clearly showing strong leadership in trying to force changes to the upcoming Conservative budget.


“The opposition has the opportunity to do some tough bargaining with Mr. Harper right now,” Mr. Layton told The Canadian Press.

“But for that to happen, Mr. Ignatieff has got to be a real Opposition leader.”

“Take those particularly obnoxious things that have nothing to do with the budget out of the budget now,” Mr. Layton said.

An NDP amendment to be debated in the Commons this coming week would remove them from the larger bill.

“You know something’s wrong when the leader of the Opposition rushes to condemn the budget, then makes sure it passes.”

The NDP Leader said two in three employees in Ontario no longer have a workplace pension plan.

That’s about as put up or shut up as it gets.   So why is Mr. Ignatieff giving Mr. Harper a free pass?  Is this all just political point taking?  Is it about MP pensions?  Is it about not having a chance to win at this time?  What do you think Canada?

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  1. Ignatieff is actually listening to the public, who do not want an election at this time. An election would likely produce similar results to what we have now. Better to wait for a time when Harper can be booted out and replaced by Liberal government, either directly or via a coalition. The longer Harper is in, the more people will dislike what he represents.

  2. The liberals don’t have the money to run an election.

  3. Layton let Harper in; fitting if he saw Harper out.

  4. Jerry, if we read the national polls on party popularity its just the opposite of what you say. Harper is at least ten points ahead of Iggy. If we were to have an election today, the Conservatives would probably end up with a majority government. Once they are a majority, then they can go looking for all those hundreds of millions of dollars that are still missing from Fiberal days…..

  5. Tough bargaining can mean more tax dollars being taken from each of us.
    I think Canadians are giving Iggy a free pass, not the liberals graciously allowing the Conservatives to do the job they were voted in for!

    2 in 3 employees have no pension plan Mr Layton, how about all government workers put their annual raises into a fund for the rest of us? Say, every second year.

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