Top Canadian Military Chief in Afghanistan, Brigadier-General Daniel Menard, Fired over Sexual Allegations – Cornwall Ontario – May 30, 2010

Cornwall ON – Canada’s head honcho in Afghanistan, Brigadier-General Daniel Menard, has been given the chop and recalled to Canada over allegations that he got his freak on.   Apparently it’s against the rules for Canadian Military to have intimate relations while on duty; at least over seas while on a mission.


“Sexual activity or any other form of intimate contact in any context with another individual is prohibited anywhere in the Joint Task Force Afghanistan Area of Operations,” according to theatre standing orders governing personal relationships.

Only last Tuesday, Menard pleaded guilty at a court martial in Gatineau, Que., to negligently discharging his rifle. That incident, which took place in March, involved Menard inadvertently firing his rifle as he was about to board a U.S. army helicopter in Kandahar with Canada’s top soldier, Gen. Walt Natynczyk.

Methinks the Canadian Armed Forces is being a bit more scrupulous since that wacky Colonel Russell Williams affair blackened the reputation of our Armed Forces.

No sex while on a mission….now that’s not good for recruitment….What do you think Canada?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Makes sense! No sex while in a theater of war, thats actually true, it’s military law. Whats equally true is that our distinguished Brigadier-General Daniel Menard has a wife and two children here in Canada!
    So why was he looking for a warm/wet place to store his weapon?. Maybe he wanted to let it discharge……. like he did when he was boarding that chopper.

  2. “This is my rifle, this is my gun, this one’s for shooting, this one’s for fun!” 😀

    Actually, what the hell is going on with our military commanders? We have a serial killing/rapist Corporal in court right now. We have another Corporal undergoing charges for rape in Ottawa area. Now this? And we trust these people with guns?

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