Is Stephen Harper really afraid of “Liberal Propaganda”? Conservative government gets smacked by Layton & Brison over Billion Dollar G8 G20 Security Embarrassment – Cornwall Ontario – June 1, 2010

Cornwall ON – Mr. Harper wasn’t in Question Period leaving John Baird, his little pit bull, to match wits with Michael Ignatieff, Jack Layton and the rest of Parliament.


And Nova Scotia Liberal MP Scott Brison listed off what else $1-billion would buy: “…500 MRI machines or 340,000 hip or knee surgeries. It would pay for 17,000 public health nurses. These are the priorities for Canadians.”

MP Scott Brison gets a cookie and a pic for the best attack point.  In this day of hospital cutbacks and actual people dying because of the “culling of the herd” in our medicare system, a system that if Mr. Harper has his way will probably be dumped to the provinces in 2014 forever changing Medicare in Canada, I think he summed up this and the other gross wastes of money a supposedly Conservative government is supposed to be administering.

Click the link above to read more as Ms Taber did a super job on this story.  And for a government responsible for the Stephen Dion attack ads they really should be able to withstand “Liberal Propaganda”  lol, that one cracked me up.

What do you think Canada?  Feel free to post your comments below.

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  1. Man oh man , how do these politicians look at us with a straight face for goodness sake as they spend us into the poor house in an attempt to photo-op themselves into the history books with the upcoming G meetings in Huntsville & Toronto. Watching Vic Toews & “Landslide” Tony Clements try to talk themselves out of this one is like looking at the ropes & hats on a quicksand pond. These guys are so full of hooey that they are even making the Charles Adler`s of this country recoil in disgust.

    These people should be ashamed of themselves for betraying our trust , but are they. I firmly doubt that as they are so full of themselves that why would they care about the insignificant taxpayer who is paying their salary & funding the 4 buck shrimp & the Cuban cigars for Obama and company.

    Ok opposition parties , you are on. Of course , if they continue on with their past history of non-successes , this will be a done deal & we will be voting for the “none of the above” option in the next election.

    Dr Mike Popovich Rodney Ont

  2. We should dig a billion dollar size hole, and bury Harper in it for what he’s about to do to our country!

  3. The flip side of a bully is a coward or a wimp. The Harper crowd certainly do a great job of demonstrating this truth.

  4. Why would the Cons be afraid of the Liberals? There’s been a Con/Lib coalition for the last four years.

  5. Right on! Even Jack Layton said “they should get a marriage certificate”.

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