Earth Matters by Jacqueline Milner – Poppies, Turtles, and getting out for a Bike Ride! June 2, 2010

Cornwall ON – What will save you time and money and give you a good workout?  Get that bike out and be a little kinder to the planet in the process. Bike riding can give your wallet a well deserved holiday from the various parking fees and the rising gas prices presently just under $1.00 a litre.

Should you live within 10 to 20 kilometers from your place of work consider trading your routine commute for a bike ride. Swapping your bike for the time spent in your car a few days a week offers the opportunity for exercise in that timetable which is already packed with commitments to family, work and community. Biking offers the chance to incorporate overall well being (physical and mental) and provides the amazing opportunity of keeping your carbon footprint in check. Great gift to your community and your wallet.

If you have not biked in a while please do insure to equip yourself with the universal rules of the road and standard safety equipment such as lights, reflectors and a helmet. Local cycling associations, police stations or online information can be a great resource for this information.  Be safe, be seen and help yourself and our community be healthier with this healthful, helping action.

The first poppy of the season bloomed in our garden this week…these delicate blooms do not last long so perhaps it is time to ‘stop and smell the flowers’. Time passes so quickly…unplug, stop rushing, take some time from work and just enjoy all the blessings right there in front of you.

We are experiencing a very dry Spring so far this year which means there are many areas on high alert for forest fires.  I spend quite a few hours a week on the road so I have seen first hand the unthinking actions of smokers who throw their cigarette butts out their windows on the road. Please consider that this seemingly frivolous action has the potential for great harm. Please butt out in the ashtray of your vehicle. Kindly share this simple message with all the smokers you know.

Looking for a wonderful activity to share with your children or your own inner child? The fire flies are now out and active.  Fireflies are such wondrous, captivating creatures. Take a trip out of the city, beyond the glare and buzz of street lights and traffic. A nice grassy field is the perfect place to set up a couple of lawn chairs and enjoy the tiny globes of flashing light traveling through their grassy universe. A simple magical adventure.

With the warmer weather upon us snapping turtles have been sited digging out nests along roadways for their eggs to mature to fruition. Use caution when traveling along or through wetland and waterway areas. These areas are ripe with the activity of waterfowl, reptiles and an array of animals looking to feed and nest. Turtle signs on the roadside indicate a high activity area. The roadways that we use were used as travel ways by generations of animals long before we paved them for our use.

Wanted new homes for 6 rogue maple tree seedlings growing in one of my flower beds. If any of you have room to plant some or all of these maple seedlings, I would be happy to get them to you…assuming you are in the Cornwall area. Drop me a line at

Lastly, my experiment in avoiding plastic film in my shopping adventures has been surprisingly easy. Yes purchases have been made of items in hard plastic containers as these items are acceptable in the blue box pickup.

Your commentary and suggestions on this and future writings is encouraged and appreciated.

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