Liberalpalooza – Saturday June 26th – Graham Greer, Trench Town Oddities, Sara Murphy, Joel Sauve, Melanie & The General Electryk Get your tickets at Cafe Connectionz & Moustache Joes!

Cornwall ON – If you love local music you’ll want to be at Liberalpalooza.   Graham Greer, The Trench Town Oddities, Sara Murphy, Joel Sauve, and Melanie and the General Electryk will be LIVE!   The fund raiser hosted by the friends of Bernadette Clement  and The Federal Liberal Riding Association of SD&SG goes down June 26th at Dream Builder Studios.

To get your tickets drop by Moustache Joes, Cafe Connectionz or see the poster for more information!

We have two tix to give away!  All you have to do is post a comment below about why you want them and we’ll draw the winner!

Post your comments below and we’ll email you if selected!


  1. I would like to win the tickets so that I can get to see some of our amazing local talent, have the opportunity to visit Dream Builder Studios and have the opportuntiy to support one amazing person for the people…Ms. Bernadette Clement. I can remember attending such an event many years ago at Maple Leaf gardens for someone you might be familiar with Ms. Clement; someone by the name of Trudeau. All the best to you Bernadette.

  2. I can see calling it BURN A PALOOZA may incite illegal acts, but calling it after the second host may attract a different crowd. LOL

    best of luck

  3. Starting with the current prime minister’s condescending ways I suppose any change is for the good — let’s bring back the Liberals, but this time let us change for the right reasons. Let’s make it a grass roots movement, let’s do the right stuff, for the right reasons. Let’s make politics something more than photo ops and envelopes stuffed with cash.

    Somehow — say Liberalpalloza — let’s return politics to the people.

    Let’s stir up interest in politics for the right reasons. Let’s support Bernadette and let us rock this town! C’mon bring it out!

    Give it up for the performers, the proclaimers, the cynics, even the camera people and technicians and such like. We’re behind you — although it’s all relative — maybe we’re in front of you, but all of us are really stoked about this Bernadette chick. Let’s drop the bomb on Lauzon — let’s rock this tonight. We mean it — Cornwall.

    Is this what you had in mind? A few non-partisan pep-talk words, eh?

  4. I heard about these tickets. I just got off the phone with Sir Wilfrid Laurier. He said Bernadette was the one. “You can bet five bucks on her.” Jean Chretien sent me a letter. He said, “Do what you have to do. Drag yourself through a river of broken glass but you must proof to her that you have the tickets. A proof of a ticket is a proof of your manhood.” Then just like clock work John Turner emailed me. He said, ” I met a man who once danced with Bernadette. It was like being on a flying carpet with Ginger Rogers except she wins every debate. She can’t lose. It’s like boxing with Nellie McClung. Some Guy is going to fall on his sword.”
    Evenings are like normal. I spend them with Sgt. Harvey – quietly, so quietly we listen. We train our binoculars on Jamies lips. A lip reader is brought in. Nope. He hasn’t said yet where he keeps the tickets. The glass crunches as I drag myself through a gutter looking for a ticket, a symbol of my worth. My escape from the other camp not yet noticed. But what will I wear to the Ball? My fine trench coat, sunglasses and Fedora? Yes it’s a mission for God, Queen and the Liberal Party. A mission of righteousness, a breath of the great Canadian air of destiny that cries out in a darkness inhabited by the rabid, prohibition crazed wolves of dark Parliamentary caverns but now, now the candle of destiny herself shall be raised to heralds of crackling thunder and manifesting ballots of desire will rain like the clouds of fertile life. An evening, an hour, a moment of Liberal time, just the hint that these fetters may be removed… The blocks and chains wrapped around our ankles by Warden Harper have been gnawed off and now we shall dance, converse and shine like the blanket of stars in the valley of the sea. We need not wait any longer. Freedom comes by holding out a hand backed by all mighty truth.

  5. Hey Rocket Roy & The Radio Ranger…a great handle and a very entertaining post.

  6. Have the tickets been awarded? Otherwise we will need to buy them. Can’t wait until the last minute.

  7. We will be selecting the winner on the 25th and they will be able to pick them up at the event. All you have to do to win is post in this thread and make sure the email you use is a good one as we will notify the winner via email.

  8. Sir Wilfred, you can get tickets at Moustache Joe’s, Cafe Connections or at Melody Music. Hope that helps…

  9. Looking forward to the shindig.

  10. Bernadette Clement’ party or Guy Lauzon’ party, same thing, she just beat him to the punch.

  11. Saturday night at the Liberal Ball was a great and tempting success of the SD&G movers, shakers and opinion makers. Fantastic guitars, great music, perfect venue, cool dark night, hundreds in an out, good beer choice, sparkling company, arrival of certain Provincial Elite, red sweater men, natty dress dudes and intelligent, compelling, beautiful Liberal women…beat him to the punch, beat him to the moral high ground, beat him to acceptance, beat him to a pulp.

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