Sarah Ferguson Alleged Royal Ho – Tabloid runs story about $450K trysts! – Cornwall Ontario – June 3, 2010

Cornwall ON – Sarah Ferguson has been alleged to have been a Royal Ho in the latest release of a tabloid magazine.


Disgraced Duchess of York Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson was paid $450,000 for sleeping with two oil tycoons, according to a shocking new report.


This on the heels of her being video taped taking a bribe for setting up meetings with her former hubby.   She’s also due to be on a reality show next year for recovering addicts.

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA!!! 😀 450K for that? Must have been desperate oil tycoons…

  2. She should advertise her services on her website. She might make more money that way.

  3. this money was supposedly given to her in two suitcases while she cruised the mediterranean. She had to return to britain with the cash. coming through customs you are asked “are you carrying more than 10,000 GBP in cash?” did she say yes? did customs commence an enquiry into a possible money laundering operation with sarah at the epicentre? or did she just lie? and once the money was in britain did she declare it in her tax return?

  4. Another example of society in decay, morals must be from another age.
    Paris Hilton is not example of world class behaviour that Sarah should follow.

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