Shrek Dreck – Millions of McDonald’s Collector Glasses Recalled due to Cadmium – June 4, 2010 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – I love Shrek.  Ginger and Puss are my fave’s and I think that what’s her name…Cameron Diaz has done her best acting and never looked better than in the Shrek Series.    When I saw the commercials for the glasses; after first wondering if they glasses were really made of glass or plastic I wanted one but sadly over 12 Million of them have been recalled due to Cadmium, which I’m sure is not good for you, was discovered in the paint.

Sad.  Hopefully Mickey D’s will resolve the issue and get you souvenir lovin’ consumers some replacements soon!

In the meanwhile you can see the new Shrek flick in a theatre near you and hopefully you  won’t have to pay $20 per ticket like in some big cities!

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