Steve Jobs Thinks iPads are the future. Do you? Tablet Computers Yes or No? Cornwall Ontario, June 4, 2010

Cornwall ON –So do you think the iPad and tablet computers are going to replace your tower and desktop?  The latest rage seems a simple enlarging of your iPhone or Smart phone with bigger screens making it easier to enjoy the features we want more.

Times are always changing; especially when it comes to technology and the internet.   I remember paying $3500 for my new 486 which was suped up with a full 16MB of ram!

Steve Jobs at Apple, which has now surpassed Microsoft in value as a company, thinks that the iPad is the future of computing.


RBC Capital Markets has estimated iPad’s total shipments will reach 8.13 million units worldwide by the end of the year – which would translate into at least $4 billion of revenue.

IDC predicts that as many as 46 million tablet computers will be delivered worldwide during 2014, as the iPad stimulates demand for the new form factor and other manufacturers target the market.

Mr Jobs said that it was “surreal” that Apple had overtaken Microsoft to become the world’s biggest technology company by market capitalisation.

Speaking of iPads check out the transvestites in this ipad spoof that came out years ago.


I like touch screens and changes are already occurring.   Locally here in Cornwall Ontario JL Computers sells a 20 inch touch screen computer and I can tell you it was a blast giving it a run through.


What do you think Canada?  Have you purchased an iPad yet and what do you think?  Is touch screen the way to go?

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  1. Whilst both the iPad and the Android Tablets are very handy devices they both come with the same problem, they rely on a capped Internet system which severally limits the amount of use.

    Since the Digital Rights Bill drafted in the UK allegedly to protected Copyright holders from illegal downloads and file-sharing, Phone Companies are all jumping on the bandwagon to cap downloads to around 10 Gigs in the UK or pay more.

    If a credit card company said your limit of spend was $10 a month you’d soon close the account. So why should telephone and ISP companies be allowed to cause a serious negative impact on sales particularly at a time when we have a financial crisis and on-line sales are the only thing keeping sales up?

    In the states it appears that AT&T’s new data plan will cause a serious negative impact on the sales of legitimate downloaded material such as movies and music.

    Signed Carl Barron Chairman of agpcuk

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