Tracey Rivette Directs School Musical In Sherbrooke Quebec – June 4, 2010

Sherbrooke QC – Students from Sherbrooke Elementary School sang, danced and acted up a storm for a one-night-only show that music teacher Tracey Rivette guaranteed would make a difference.

“We are giving something, we are doing something to touch the hearts of those we are singing to,” says Rivette.

‘Together We Can Change the World’ is the story of young Peter Pessimism, who’s feeling down because he has no purpose in life.

“A sport is instant fun. But when you pick up an instrument, a couple of weeks into it it’s not fun anymore, it’s work. You don’t always want to practice… you might want to go outside and play, but you have to practice, because you don’t want to let your team down.”

Rivette began teaching but only 20 per cent of her time went to music lessons.  Time and lobbying eventually led to her becoming a full-time music-teacher at Sherbrooke Elementary.

“It’s pretty cool.” There’s pop and rock, but no heavy metal, Rivette sheepishly admits, though she tries to find value in every style of music (she’s from Cornwall and grew up with country music, and was classically trained in voice at McGill University, but loves Celtic and folk, and also plays the guitar)..

Cornwall Ontario City Councilor and very proud Papa Andre Rivette is mighty proud!

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