Rush Limbaugh, Elton John, together, at the same event…Demagogue Limbaugh Marries again. Cornwall Ontario – June 8, 2010

Cornwall ON – Man this must’ve been one weird and wooly wedding.   Take one aging Ultra Rich Right Wing Demogouge, a pretty young thing, and have Elton John take a big cheque to sing wedding music.

They say 4 times lucky; well at least the legal firms do and face it if you getting married for the 4th time you’re probably getting Air Miles from your lawyer what with Pre-Nups, Post Nups, and Up da Butts.


Click the link to see a lovely shot of the bride and her new husband.   So what do you think Canada?  Will this be the “one” for Mr. Limbaugh?  You can post your comments below.

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