Marina Restinetti’s THE VAGINA HOUR premieres tonight (7PM EST) on with special guest Jodie Emery ! Cornwall Ontario – June 8, 2010

Cornwall ON – Click the pics to listen to the Premiere Episode of Marina Restinetti’s The Vagina Hour which debuts tonight Tuesday June 8th at 7 PM.

Marina’s first guest will be Jodie Emery, political activist, BC Provincial Green Candidate,and wife of Extradited Marijuana Activist Marc Emery.  You won’t want to miss this!

The Vagina Hour will be an hour long show each Tuesday night on , your community radio station.   Your host Marina Restinetti is a graduate of St. Lawrence College here in Cornwall Ontario and will be talking about issues that concern Women of all Ages.   To reach her email us at and the show call in numbers are 1 (646) 595-4982, 1 (877) 217-3932.

Have your say, your way, any day!   All of our shows are available on podcast and for free via iTunes!


  1. I hope it went well, Unfortunately I missed it due to work commitments. I hope to catch the next.

  2. smee all of our radio shows are podcasting and can be listened to on demand. Just go to the webpage and click on the image or link of the show you want to listen to. They’re also free downloads on iTunes.

  3. This first guest Jodie Emery seemed to be just extoling the virtues of smoking marijuana and hash. I guess it was a good advertising opportunity for Mark Emery’s pot & hashish business and she took full advantage of it. Unfortunately I became disinterested after about ten minutes or so. Hopefully the quality of “guest” will get better in the future.

  4. admin. Thanx I will look for it this evening.
    I would have had some questions for Jodie as well. I am all for smoking pot but we have more concerns then that at this time.

  5. smee that Marijuana issue ties into a lot of important issues. Crime, enforcement budgets and dollars. Hospital beds, taxation, health and controls. There’s more than smoke in that fire. It also comes down to simply making sense of what appears to be the public’s wishes, and when you come down to it that’s what Government is supposed to be there for.

  6. I understand however, if you allow or legalize pot and my fav hash, how long do you think it would before government taxes it and creates entities like LCBO and or enforces cigarette laws and taxes it beyond belief. Then there is commercialization of the new found industry and similar health issues by genetics as in cigarettes. Remember what happened during prohibiting and all the street wars? How can she stop that?

    There are many deep rooted problems we need to fix before we provide the Canadian government with another taxable commodity.

  7. I think that would be terrific Smee. Imagine those tax dollars that could be used for healthcare or fake lakes!

  8. So you think it would be terrific! You want to legalize pot and hash in order to get more tax dollars for healthcare (and fake lakes). You extol the virtues of marijuana not being dangerous, etc. Now what would you do with the children who now smoke, them switching to pot and hash, winding up with addled brains in school and learning NOTHING! What could children learn when they are high? Same as any of us, absolutely nothing!

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