So did Tea Party Rah Rah Girl Sarah Palin Bust Up? Cornwall Ontario – June 10, 2010

Cornwall ON – Is Sarah Palin all there?  A recent media report asks the question if Ms Palin has enhanced her political muscles, er, um, had a boob job.


I guess you’d have to be the judge, but I just can’t see Hilary Clinton showing up with a new rack while stumping for votes to be the P.    Of course Ms Palin would win the swimsuit comp in that run off.

What do you think Canada?  Would the breasts of a politician influence your vote?  You can post your comments below.


  1. I think Palin screams “DRILL BABY DRILL” while having sex.

  2. I think Sarah Palin does it with kodiak bears.

  3. don,t turn your news, into a soap opra news jamie.who really cares

  4. I think Larry Flint has it right with Nailin Palin

  5. I suppose if you don’t have a brain, boobs would come in handy.

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