BP Protest Rally in Cornwall Ontario – Saturday June 12, 2010 – Were you there?

Cornwall ON – Saturday June 12 there was a world wide protest against BP and the devastation caused by their oil spill.   It took place in over 40 locations around the globe.  Louise Wilson and  Catherine Lee-Paul organized a local protest via facebook, one of 5 in Canada at the Canal here in Cornwall Ontario.


The crowd expectations were modest, but met.    I was one of two politicians asked to speak at the event and overcame some butterflies as I tried to deliver my first political speech.

What struck me was the lack of young people?   It was hot on Facebook and that’s where a lot of young people are these days, but there was hardly anyone under 40 at the protest.

What’s going on with our youth?  The future of our planet should be more important to younger people than old farts like myself!    Look at the Sixties and Seventies and the radicalism of the day.  Has Social Engineering truly been that successful that people just don’t care about important issues unless they’re told they’re important?

Jamie Gilcig speaks at the BP Oil Protest Rally in Cornwall Ontario Saturday June 12, 2010 accompanied by Boromir “Bo”  The Green Dog!


What do you think Cornwall and Canada?  Do your voices and votes not matter any more?  Do you just not care?   Do you think anything can be done about oil spills and preventing events like this one from happening again?

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