BP Protest Rally in Cornwall Ontario – Saturday June 12, 2010 – Were you there?

Cornwall ON – Saturday June 12 there was a world wide protest against BP and the devastation caused by their oil spill.   It took place in over 40 locations around the globe.  Louise Wilson and  Catherine Lee-Paul organized a local protest via facebook, one of 5 in Canada at the Canal here in Cornwall Ontario.


The crowd expectations were modest, but met.    I was one of two politicians asked to speak at the event and overcame some butterflies as I tried to deliver my first political speech.

What struck me was the lack of young people?   It was hot on Facebook and that’s where a lot of young people are these days, but there was hardly anyone under 40 at the protest.

What’s going on with our youth?  The future of our planet should be more important to younger people than old farts like myself!    Look at the Sixties and Seventies and the radicalism of the day.  Has Social Engineering truly been that successful that people just don’t care about important issues unless they’re told they’re important?

Jamie Gilcig speaks at the BP Oil Protest Rally in Cornwall Ontario Saturday June 12, 2010 accompanied by Boromir “Bo”  The Green Dog!


What do you think Cornwall and Canada?  Do your voices and votes not matter any more?  Do you just not care?   Do you think anything can be done about oil spills and preventing events like this one from happening again?

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  1. Social engineering works. That’s why it’s used. Truth does not matter nor have a home. The age of consent should be raised to 28 which is the age at which people start to vote. Maybe you need a sound cannon to be heard.

  2. Yes Jamie, and soon we too will be gone….leaving this “youth” to run the country. HELP!!!

  3. The world ends tomorrow, women, children and visible minorities will be victimized.

    The problem here is compromises. The oil companies compromise on the quality of their safety protocols they use. The govenment oversight agency compromises on the safety standards. Individuals compromise on their ethics all to save a buck or for the sake of convenience. You feel more important driving a gas guzzling BAPU (Big Ass PickUp). Conspicuous consumption is a plague spreading from the U.S. to us here in the Great White North and feeds the need for oil and gas which leads to compromises in the stewardship of the environment. If you want to consume conspicuously then buy a better bicycle.

  4. Hi All,

    I’m a little insulted that my friend Jamie said there was no one under forty. I was there, and I’m certainly under forty, even in dog years!

    The reason I went is that, even if I am still only a puppy, I’m a Rescue Dog. So far I haven’t had to rescue anyone from an avalanche on Big Ben, so I’ve decided to try and help people like Jamie, my Mum and Dad, and all the people who came to the rally and met me and took my photo save the world.


  5. You mean other politicians didn’t take the chance to go say something about this? Good speech Jamie. Only part of it I don’t agree with is the “evolution” vs “revolution” part. I mean, anyone that sinks their money into BP, first off – will lose their money since their stock is spiraling downwards. Second – BP wont sell any stock to anyone that gives anyone control over anything. As far as Im concerned, they will use the money towards their already overly wealthy owners and shareholders and probably try to run, footing the bill on all those that sunk their money into the company.

    Its unfortunate but thats just the way I see it. The other scary part is, I see BP losing out on this and potentially folding. Then who’s going to clean up the mess? Its going to be on all the peoples backs. And if those people invest their money into BP, what money will be left to pay for this? BP is already reneging on some things, and are doing their big PR and buy out campaign to keep things about the actual extent of the damage covered up. Means they cannot be in such a great position. And if they’ve already lost half of their stock worth over this fiasco, then I forsee them folding within a few months at this rate.

    I agree its everyone’s fault. But I also say its government and BPs fault since many of the guidelines were overlooked so as to allow them to operate. They apparently didn’t even have an emergency shut off valve, as they saw 500 grand to be too expensive to put one in. And now look what we have to show for it? Plus everyone needs to get away from fossil fuels and start finding alternative energies. But then of course regulations for that as well as the relative little use of that technology, leaves the price at a skyrocketing rate to install much of any of that to begin with.

    Something needs to be done, there is no doubt about it. The citizens of this world need to start taking their countries back and start being responsible.

  6. I disagree and agree with Grimalot.

    I don’t agree that anyone buying BP right now will lose money. The stock price has already taken its hit.

    I do agree that owning a few shares in BP will no way influence the way they do business.

  7. Thats a pretty massive hit to take in what? 2 months time? Imagine if this goes to Sept or October when they hope to have it sealed off? No, I don’t see investing in BP to be any kind of a sound investment at this time, agree or disagree its up to you.

    But exactly, at the same time, they wont change their ways no matter how much someone invests in them. They’re probably non-voting shares that anyone can buy if available.

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