Cornwall Ontario Residents Worried Over Bus Crash in Reckingen Switzerland – June 14, 2010

Cornwall ON – Local residents are concerned in Cornwall Ontario as they await to find out if an elderly couple killed in a bus tragedy in Rekingen Switzerland were from Cornwall.


While officials continue to investigate the cause of the crash, more than a dozen local residents are still recovering in Switzerland hospitals. They were part of 48 area tourists, many of whom were seniors making the trek to see a popular Christian play that runs only once a decade in the Oberammergau region of Bavaria.”We prayed for them over the weekend,” said Father Claude Thibault of Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church.  “Everybody in Cornwall must know at least one person that was on that bus.”

We hope that everyone safely returns to Cornwall and if you have any information on this story you can reach our hotline at 613.361.1755 or

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