Steve Clark MPP Leeds Greenville Visited SDSG to speak on HST – June 14, 2010

Cornwall ON – Steve Clark,  MPP Leeds Grenville in SDSG  yesterday,  spoke about how the HST will affect families when it is implemented on July 1, 2010.

The Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) will increase the cost of a host of goods and services, including haircuts, shoes, funerals, heating bills, electricity, real estate commissions and gas. This week the provincial Liberal government admitted  that the HST will cost taxpayers far more than the government originally predicted – up to $480 per family a year.

The Progressive Conservative government of Mike Harris passed The Taxpayer Protection Act, a law which limited the ability of legislatures to raise taxes and run deficits without public  approval through a referendum process.   The current Liberal regime of Premier Dalton McGuinty reversed those protections for taxpayers, leaving no recourse for citizens upset at their repeated impositon of new levies.

Tim Hudak, Ontario PC Leader is prepared to take up the charge to give power over taxes to the people.  This would allow taxpayers to stand up for their rights when no one else does,  and reverse legislation with which they disagree.

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  1. Is that the same conservatives who’s federal cousins bankrolled the HST!! There has been only one party fighting this HST, and that is the NDP. I hope the voters will remember that come election time.

    Darlene Jalbert
    NDP Federal Candidate

  2. I do not understand why the federal Conservatives are getting the blame, McGuinty ( who said if you do not like it can send letters to the editor) signed a contract. A contract that is locked! The items that are taxed, the rate of tax and length of time before any changes are allowed, are locked!

    I do not like this cousin stuff, and I am sure we could bring up Bob Rae easily enough. Buffalo New York really enjoyed his tenure as Premier…..

    Also, I have seen more in the papers from Lisa McLeod (PC MPP)and Tim Hudak(PC MPP) than from Mrs. H. (NDP MPP).

  3. I would just like to know how the NDP is fighting the HST? Will they repeal it if they get into power? I have sent Tim Hudak the same question to no response. I know Tim Hudak is blowing hot air, but honestly, how is the NDP going to do anything different? I would really like to know this.

  4. And Eric, the Fed-Cons are have their hands in on the HST just as much as McGuinty. They gave him a little over 4billion dollars as a bribe to implement it on Ontario. Just to let you know. Hudak gets into power = pressure from the feds to keep it in place = hot air if we think he’s gonna stop it!

  5. Grimalot, as I noted, the contract is locked in and the 4 billion would need to be paid back if broken no matter the party elected.
    If McGuinty would stop giving raises for a couple of years, stop the early kindergarten baby sitting, and make some adjustments to health care, he would not have needed the 4 billion.

    Why do Nurses need a 4 year university degree? You would think 3 years in college and 6 months working in a hospital would be plenty.

  6. Grimalot, I usually agree with you, not this time though. It’s not the NDP that initiated the HST. No other local politicians will come to a forum like this to discuss the issues. Give Darlene credit for that. Mr. Brownell and Mr. Lauzon are both hit with gag orders. Keep up the good work Darlene.

  7. You ever see that cramped style picture of just about any snapshot of McGuinty with his mouth open in that particular way? Think what I imagine him doing to the people that elected him into power. The guy has to go. But regardless, Flaherty was all the more happy to bribe him with that 4.3 billion to enable the HST. And its the Cons that suggested implementing it. Oh, as well, we can thank them already for the friggin GST in the first place. Hell, income tax was only supposed to be charged until the war was paid off, but yet here we are 60 years later and still getting that shaft as well. All levels of government we have had have screwed us in one way or another. And its only getting worse.

    None of them seem to have the real backbone to be able to act for the people that put them into place rather than doing what their parties want.

    I say we’re the ones at fault for electing McGuinty in the first place. And then shame on us again, for electing his ass in office again after the first let downs. But all of government is equally responsible as far as I’m concerned for the majority of all the crap we have to pay for, and go through today.

    Conspiracy theory comes to mind, maybe Harper knew long ago that he wanted to spend 1.1 – 2 billion on security for the G8/G20 as a make work situation. But it takes money to do that. So get Flaherty to suggest the HST to McGuinty and then suddenly the ball is rolling on it. Gives them an easy way to milk money from the taxpayers to pay for all that Pizazz anyways.. Maybe McGuinty is really a Conservative in disguise trying to implode the party from within.

    Who the hell knows. All I can tell you is that all of it sickens me. I just want to enjoy a free life, and get what I deserve out of it. And I know I deserve a hell of a lot more than what I’ve received, while paying out of my own wazoo so those, quite frankly a-holes in government get to have their free rides on my back.. while trying to tell me what I can and what I cannot do.. screw that.

  8. Oh, and I know there is a no abolishing clause written to it. I also know how McGuinty screwed us all by reversing legislation that was passed to protect us from all this stuff. But I still don’t believe any other party will serve us any better at this point. They should all be turfed and all new fresh faces replacing the windbags.. While at it, we should have an impeachment process put in place. One that cannot be reversed. One that truly will hold any full of crap politician to their word. Because currently they get away with their lies because WE LET THEM DO SO! Its the people’s country, not theirs, so time to take it back!

  9. “The Progressive Conservative government of Mike Harris passed The Taxpayer Protection Act.”
    They also brought back the death penalty (Dudley George), safe drinking water (Walkerton), tax breaks for pro sports teams, and on and on.

  10. Furtz get a life!

  11. Sounds like Furtz has a life. But he forgot to mention that during the last provincial election, the Tories were all set to fund (with taxpayer’s money) Islamic schools and Pastor Newton’s brand of “Christian” school. Can you imagine an Al Qaida cell on every street corner, and the pastor’s gang grabbing potential converts and burning them at the stake if they refused? Having McGuinty is indeed a small price to pay for saving us from that.

    Now if the Liberals were really smart, they’d persuade Andrea Horwath to be their leader.

  12. willie191, I never said that the NDP had anything to do with initiating the HST. I just say they’re full of hot air if they say they’re doing anything about it. Just like the Cons. Just like the Libs. Agree or not. It’s my opinion. No one can do anything about it unfortunately and anyone that says they can, are just posturing for their political positions.

    As for giving Darlene credit, its nice to have a politician talking on the site, that I give credit for. Sorry I’m so jaded that I just don’t believe any of them anymore. All they wait for is to get the foot in the door and then its more shaft for the general population.

    I’m serious, we need some stringent controls on government. We need an impeachment process. We need fixed terms. And all the party towing MP’s can suck it after. We need MP’s that actually speak and do for the people. Not MP’s that pull the smoke and mirrors tactic everytime.

    Furtz, I agree with you, Mike Harris was toxic to the province. Good he’s gone. We need to be rid of McGuinty as well though.

  13. Grimalot, the NDP wants you. Come on over, you know you want to,lol.

  14. Furtz, Walkerton happened because of several issues at one time, namely a higher than average rainfall affecting wells, and a lack of checks on an undertrained drunk. Look it up!
    I hope you look back in a few years (Oct. 2011 would be better) and see that McGuinty has done more to harm us than Harris did.

    Grimalot, the temporary income tax before the end of WW1, not WW2, but I agree we need some big changes in this country.

  15. Eric, I stand corrected you are right, I listed the wrong war, but same thing. It was supposed to be a temporary situation. But of course the higher ups want to still collect our money and waste it on lots of crap.

    willie191, when I hear clear and concise responses to questions being put forth, I may consider it. Until I do get those responses, not more controlled and loaded jargon, for now Ill stick with most likely voting Green. I’m serious, the big 3 parties all need to get it, they are put in place by us, they are working on our dime, they must tell us what is going on with our money, etc.

    I was gaining respect for the NDP up until finger pointing at the Libs took place over a situation that happened, when the leader of the NDP did the EXACT thing the year before. In fact, last election I voted NDP. I also lost respect for them when Jack Layton said he thinks the secretive government internal audit was enough. No it isn’t. Its OUR MONEY!! Its OUR COUNTRY!! WE HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON!! Anyone that thinks otherwise or insinuates that an obviously flawed system as it is is enough, loses my vote!

    Darlene may post her expenses on her site. And I give her kudos for that. But until all the MP’s, MPPs, etc, from the parties all realize that they must be obligated to do the same if asked, then I don’t think I should vote for that party.

    I voted for Lauzon the election before, thinking about accountability and transparency, look where that got us…

    Enough of the BS from the different parties, time to grow a backbone and actually do for the people!

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