Cornwall Ontario’s Newest City Council Contender Announced – Jason Setnyk Wants Your Vote! June 15, 2010

Cornwall ON – This is going to be a true test of Social Networking.    Local School teacher, poet, photographer, musician, writer, and political activist Jason Setnyk has announced his candidacy for City Council on Cornwall Ontario today.

He’s using Facebook as a tool in his campaign as well as tried and true methods like door to door canvassing and making sure to be at events.

He’s the founder of the Rock for Charity series which has raised funds for local charities across Cornwall.

Hello Friends,

My name is Jason Setnyk and I am running for City Council in Cornwall
Ontario. The municipal election is on Monday October 25th 2010. First
I would like to introduce myself, and then I would like to share my
vision of Cornwall Ontario with you. I also want to hear from you, and
my email address is below.

I grew up in Cornwall Ontario. I graduated St. Joseph’s Secondary
School, and then attended the University of Ottawa. I graduated with
three Bachelor of Arts degrees, in Honours English , Honours History,
and Education. I now teach English and Social Sciences at the Ontario
Hockey Academy, a private school located here in Cornwall Ontario. I
sometimes work as a freelance journalist. I also volunteer, I am the
founder and event co-ordinator of Rock for Charity, which raises money
each month for different charities and non profit organizations. My
hobbies include writing, photography, exercise, and music. I am
married, my wife and I have a house here, and Cornwall is our home. I
think Cornwall is a great place, but I want to help make Cornwall
become an even better city! I am ready to work on City Council to
achieve these goals!

Here is my platform to help make Cornwall an even better city:

-More job growth and a diverse economy – including good paying jobs
-Update and expand incentives for job creation and businesses that go green
-Cut the red tape, especially for new businesses starting up in Cornwall
-Long term municipal planning, with clear goals and objectives
-Affordable City Transit to help make Cornwall a more green city
-More bicycle stands along Montreal Road and other high traffic areas.
-Investigate the possibility of getting a University in Cornwall.
-Stronger funding for local sports, arts and culture, especially for youth
-More outreach programs to reduce narcotics use and help reduce crime
-Promote more infant daycares spots for mothers
-Work with the Cornwall Police and residents to help keep our streets
clean and safe
-Resolution that City Council cannot vote themselves more than a 1%
raise in a year

Serving the constituents of Cornwall Ontario would be both a privilege
and an honour. I hope to earn your vote. I am here to listen to what
you have to say. I want to make Cornwall an even better place to live.
My platform above is just the beginning, I will listen to what the
people of Cornwall have to say.

Thank you for your time.
Be the change!

-Jason Setnyk


Jason’s actually 1st place in the poll we started for the Municipal elections that take place October 25th across Ontario. What do you say Cornwall Ontario?  Will you vote for Jason Setnyk?  You can vote in our poll until the election.

You can choose up to 10 selections in the poll.

Who would you vote for Cornwall Ontario City Council? You can vote for up to 10 candidates.

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