Elgin Military Museum Partners with BMT Fleet Technology to relocate HMCS Ojibwa – June 15, 2010

Elgin Military Museum Partners with BMT Fleet Technology to relocate HMCS Ojibwa

St. Thomas ON – The Elgin Military Museum in St. Thomas, Ontario,  announced its partnership with BMT Fleet Technology Ltd, a subsidiary of BMT Group Ltd, the leading international maritime design, engineering and risk management consultancy.  As the assigned project manager, BMT Fleet Technology will be responsible for the evaluation, movement and mounting of the decommissioned submarineHMCS Ojibwa from its current location in Dartmouth Nova Scotia to its new home in Ontario.  HMCS Ojibwa, an Oberon Class submarine will become a museum and learning centre.

“This is an exciting opportunity for BMT Fleet Technology to support the preservation of Canada’s naval heritage.  I am delighted that we are able to use our knowledge and experience built up over many years working with the Canadian Navy.  The Ojibwa project is a little different from our ‘day job’ which includes delivering support to the major project management offices in the Department of National Defence.  However it is the perfect way for us to combine the celebration of the 25th anniversary of BMT and the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Navy” said Aaron Dinovitzer, President of BMT Fleet Technology.

BMT Fleet Technology is one of a group of subcontractors providing specialist engineering expertise to Canada’s Victoria Class submarines.

BMT Project Manager Andy Wills said, “Having served in Oberon class submarines during my service with the Royal Navy, I am proud to be able to play a part in preserving the HMCS Ojibwa for future generations of Canadians.”

“O” class submarines were one of the key NATO assets during the cold war and Ojibwa served the Canadian Navy in this capacity for over 30 years.  Many members of the Canadian Navy held Ojibwa close to their hearts through the bonds formed by participation in the submarine’s significant role in maintaining Canadian sovereignty.

Vessel and site surveys are currently underway.  To this end BMT engineers will be conducting a thorough inspection of Ojibwa in order to bring her to a safe state to run through the St. Lawrence and Great Lakes.  Concurrently, inspections of potential sites on Lake Erie will be undertaken to identify the optimum location for the submarine to be mounted and prepared for public viewing.  Plans are underway to link Ojibwa’s journey through five Canadian provinces with Centennial Celebrations for the Navy giving Canadians a unique opportunity to participate in her last voyage.

“The Museum is very fortunate to have secured the support of BMT Fleet Technology for this project” says Ian Raven, Executive Director of The Elgin Military Museum.  “Without their leadership and experience, we would never be able to navigate the complexities of moving the submarine from its current home at the navy dockyard in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, through the St. Lawrence Seaway to Ontario.”

Deborah Jarvis, Museum President said, “This project will result in a fitting and lasting tribute to the Canadian navy and all its members, past, present and future, and their role in building and securing the country we live in.  It is especially fitting that we are able to undertake this project during the centennial year of the Canadian Navy.”

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