Letter to the Editor – Not Happy About Cigarette Store Inspections – Tammy A Hart – Newington Ontario – June 15, 2010

Newington ON – My daughter phoned very upset.  She works at Nav Canada in the tuck shop and was in a hurry to leave her shift to go home to her three little girls, she only makes minimum wage.  She was quickly trying to explain to the worker while changing shifts what to do and what stock to fill, when a young girl comes up to the counter to ask for cigarettes. While being extremely busy, Pam repeats the question “what brand, again?” And the girl repeated the answer.  My daughter just then looked at her and said “I need your I.D.” and the girl hands her the I.D.  Turns out, she was 17 years old.  The next day daughter Pam was commended, the health board was pleased.  But my daughter wasn’t, her life could have been brought down by a seventeen year old.  What would have happened had she made a simple mistake?  Her name would have been tarnished, her pride in her job taken away and possibly relieved of her job.  She plus the establishment would have been fined big time. Who knows what the consequences could have been?  But then who really cares when it comes to big government, in this case the Eastern Ontario Health Unit destroying people’s lives and well being.

Cindy MacMillan and her convenient store were targeted as well; the employee there was under a lot of personal stress when she mistakenly sold a package of cigarettes, I repeat cigarettes, not illegal drugs.

Ontario use to be a prosperous province.  People had a sense of pride, and businesses thrived.  Now it seems, these days you’re lucky if you can keep your business alive.

Thanks for that Dalton.

Tammy A. Hart – Newington On

Angry about what’s happening to my Ontario

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