Darks Days in Montreal as Jaroslav Halak Traded to the St. Louis Blues for spare parts – Cornwall Ontario – June 17, 2010

Cornwall ON – In what many Habs fans will consider one of the darkest day in the teams history Jaroslav Halak was traded for spare parts to the St.Louis Blues (Lars Eller and Ian Schultz).   John Davidson is going to be grinning awfully wide as he swills some single malt on this deal as he didn’t even have to throw in a draft pick.

He gets a young goalie who has now proved himself at every level of play including deep into the play offs for a lithe Centre from Denmark with no North American history and a spare part, and not an exciting one at that.

Yes Halak was Arbitration bound, but surely Pierre Gauthier could have done better than this?   The team clearly showed it had little interest in playing in front of Carey Price in the last two season.  With the departing of heir apparent Guy Boucher and no Bob Gainey to blame this isn’t happy time in Hab land.


Well what do you think Habs Fans?  You can post your comments below.


  1. Spare parts? A 21-year-old, 1st rd, 2007 (13th overall pick) and a 20-year-old, 3rd rd, 2008 pick. Has the towel already been tossed in on these guys? Seems a little premature. These deals can’t be opined until 3-4 years down the road.

  2. Adam Montreal just traded away their starting number one goalie, one that brought them farther in the play offs than any goalie since they last won the cup, for another Benoit Pouliot and a bag of pucks. I’m hoping they trade Price too as he’s not the solution here.

  3. Worst decsion ever made.

  4. Oh my god, I agree with Flea.. worst decision ever made.. he was the only reason they made it so far unfortunately.

  5. Yeah man, worse decision ever. How many cars can you burn for that? I think maybe three, and a city bus thrown in for St Jean Baptist Day.

  6. Despite an amazing tradition and history, The Montreal Canadiens have sadly become and continue to be the biggest joke of the NHL. After a history of bad trades over the last fifteen years, now they trade away Halak, one of the best goalies to excel in the NHL in years (and the sole reason they were 3 wins away from a birth in the Stanley Cup finals) for two untested rookies from St. Louis who will likely not amount into anything. Canadiens general manager Pierre Gauthier needs to be fired. Price is not and will likely never be a star goalie. Price plays just well enough to lose. Halak wins games! Montreal needs to start rewarding it’s talent, instead of buying out fat contracts to has beens like Gomez. Montreal has lots of solid prospects, we don’t really need more young blue chip players, so much as we need a star goalie that can win games. We had that in Halak, we don’t have that anymore. I think the Rocket might be turning in his grave 🙁

  7. Remember that there is a salary cap and Halak would have been too expensive and lost completely for the habs. . Two high pick young players are better than losing out totally in a bidding war for Halak. Hopefully Price has matured and will be a great player like he has shown at times.

  8. LOL!!! @ Reg’s comment! 😀

  9. Jerry Mr. Halak made the Habs some $10M extra this year by playing a large role in getting them to round 3. Yes, it’s a cap world, but if you don’t win does the cap really matter?

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