CCRI Gets $46,900 Community Go Green Fund Grant! Jim Brownell makes presentation! – June 18, 2010

MPP Jim Brownell (centre) congratulates CCRI Secretary-Treasurer Elaine Kennedy (left) and Vice-Chair Patrick Finucan (right) on their success.

Cornwall Residents Will Become A Driving Force

Cornwall, ON The Cornwall Carbon Reduction Initiative (CCRI) is launching a new project, with the help of a new $46,900 grant from the Community Go Green Fund. Jim Brownell, MPP for Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry, congratulated the CCRI for its continued efforts.

“The citizens of our region have made great strides toward becoming greener, healthier, and more environmentally friendly,” said MPP Brownell.  “The Cornwall Carbon Reduction Initiative continues to do great work in helping our community reduce its environmental impact and highlighting our region’s green assets.”

The grant will be used to develop and deliver a new project entitled A Driving Force.  “This project will help residents learn how to maintain and drive their vehicles in order to best reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions,” said CCRI Chair Brenda Wilson.  “We are thrilled with the match between Cornwall’s goals and those of the Community Go Green Fund.”

Founded in 2006, the Cornwall Carbon Reduction Initiative is a grassroots organization which is dedicated to providing outreach and education activities about climate change and greenhouse gas reduction.  Through an approach tailored to our community, the CCRI promotes long-term behavioural change and directs measurable actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Cornwall’s residential, commercial, and institutional sectors.  For more information, visit their website at

The Community Go Green Fund is a program of the Ontario Ministry of the Environment.  Announced in 2007, this four-year program comes under Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan.  To date, the Community Go Green Fund has provided more than $6M in funding to more than 90 community groups.

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