John Milnes has a dream.. Letter to the Editor – South Stormont Ontario – June 20, 2010

Cornwall ON – It is most unfortunate that Cornwall was not chosen as the venue for the G8/G20 summits.  The area could surely have profited from the millions of dollars the federal government has poured into the current location for the meetings.

We could have had:

– a new international bridge and talks between ministers and local leaders would have resolved the stalemate regarding a new border crossing location.

– a four lane Highway 138 linking us to the capital city.

– the old general hospital on Second Street converted to a long term care facility for those taking up beds in our overloaded community hospital.

– the full cost of our new sports centre paid by the federal government.

– a new media centre along the side of the St. Lawrence River.  We could have had toilets and snack bars along the beautiful river-front walkway.

– the Long Sault parkway re-paved and again have toilets and snack bars along its route to encourage physical activity.

– our regional airport up-graded.

– beautification funds for the areas mostly in need of financial help.

– a windmill on windmill point just to make the visitors feel this was not a name only.

– a mammoth pleasure area with year round activities on the old Domtar site.    The old site could have been paved over so it was no longer an eyesore.  There could have been boardwalks alongside these sites with two tiers of shopping boutiques making Cornwall a place to visit after the G8/G20 have become history.

We can dream on and on of all the benefits that might have accrued. All this could have been possible except the federal Government does not have to buy this Riding, they have it in their pockets.  We have a non-functioning member of parliament who will continue to be elected by the people in this political Riding.  Seemingly, the less you do the more votes you get, all that is needed is to work at getting ample photographic opportunities.  We have two excellent women candidates in the Riding and, hopefully, at the next election, the public will vote for the change the area desperately needs. Without an active member of parliament this area will slide ever deeper into the mire of maybe we could ……..

John E. Milnes,

South Stormont

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  1. Hear hear!

  2. I refuse to comment on any of John E. Milnes letters. I think he is just plain rude.

  3. Tammy A. Hart said: I refuse to comment on any of John E. Milnes letters. I think he is just plain rude.

    Really? Then what is your comment doing here, commenting on John Milnes’s letter? I don’t quite get it. And rude? I’m sorry, am I missing something?

    With your outlook on reality, I’m starting to wonder if you might not belong to “Pastor” Tom’s congregation.

  4. lol… 😀

  5. Grimalot whats so funny? John E. Milnes is a die hard Liberal. He eats, sleeps and breaths Liberal…give me a break. If he is referring to Bernadette Clemence, you cant get more Liberal then that…spend more of tax payers money, make everyone happy why don’t we.
    Oh sorry I said I wasn’t going to commen, sometimes I cant help myself.

  6. Say what you want while you’re not commenting on this thread, however, you have to agree in this case, Mr. Milnes is right. Right now with this 1.2-2 billion dollar waste of our money, the Cons aren’t looking any better to me…

  7. Author

    Ms Hart, couldn’t you say the same thing for yourself being a Conservative? I haven’t seen you agree with any points from say…someone from the NDP? Is who a person belongs to politically indicative of what they say being accurate?

    “John E. Milnes is a die hard Liberal. He eats, sleeps and breaths Liberal”

  8. Jamie, I have said before and I will say it again. I have been every stripe. I believe in making government accountable period. Truth be known, I do agree with Milnes, but there is no way I would want Igi running this country. He hasn’t even lived in Canada for thirty years now he want to be Prime Minister. Harper isn’t perfect by far, but again he is better than anyone out there, remember, he has a minority government he cant do what he wants. At least I remain open minded, Milnes on the other hand would have every conservative persecuted.

  9. “Harper isn’t perfect by far,” – agreed
    “but again he is better than anyone out there” – disagreed

  10. Author

    I can think of at least 3 Federal Political leaders who’d do a better job than Mr. Harper and even a couple on his own team who aren’t right now….

  11. Heh, you guys are making this fun. Grimalot, you need to expand on your comment…who would you possibly prefer to be the leader of this country? And Jamie, let me guess, yours would be Bob Rae. NEED I SAY MORE!

  12. Author

    No Tammy. My choice today would be Frank McKenna.

  13. Why is it that we can never be happy with what we’ve got? From the way things have been going on around here lately, I think they would even endorse Mark Emery for Prime Minister.

  14. Frank McKenna is an awesome choice for PM. Personally, I think Iggy is an idiot that is imploding the Liberals right now.

    But, honestly it would be awesome to see Rick Mercer up there at some point. At least someone that doesn’t erode away at our freedoms and values anyways.

    Right now Harper is way too far right reform and slowly our freedoms are being eroded with the joke of politics that are going on in parliament right now.

    Again, keep in mind I want freedom.

    As for Cornwall Harry’s comment, Marc Emery is a very smart man. I don’t think he’ll ever make it to PM in any case, but its too bad because he is all about logical reform. At least he stands by his convictions and isn’t wishy washy like many of the politicians we have in government right now!

  15. Tammy: Mr Milnes very clearly states “we have two excellent women candidates in our riding”. While one surely is Ms. Clement, the other would hve to be Darlene Jalbert, an NDP. Which kind of kills your point completely.

    Grimalot: Rick Mercer is a comedian who tells jokes for a living, most of them written by other people. While I do find him quite funny, a politician he is not.

    Cornwall Harry: The silliness of your post requires no response other than a sad head shake, and a deep breath. so here i go….

  16. Rick Mercer or William Shatner cannot hurt anymore then Harper.. 😉

  17. We can agree on that.

  18. John
    The only difference between Mrs Clement and Guy is the party. Clement will not get any more done then Kilger or Lauzon did. It’s Cornwall something is wrong here , very very wrong here.
    Darlene is about the only one that comes across as a person with the eagerness to try but would need a multitude of assistance in direction. Not to mention a representative for a party that will never hold so much as a minority government. We still have enough people in Canada that understands socialism to permit that. For those who do not, remember Bob Rae on the provincial level!

    The only reason Harper is always on the hot seat is the minority government and because we have had a liberal government in Canada to long. The media and many assets are still devoted to the liberal party. When a party stays in power for that long it is difficult to begin a new having the majority of the team fighting you. Look at Cornwall, that old boy’s club scenario or a better term political inbreeding. It is a huge problem for local growth. Harper faces the same scenario on a federal level.

    As for the summit yep I agree a huge waste of money, but if the liberal party was in power for this event, I bet it would have been in Quebec. I think 1 Billion is better spent in Ontario for a change. You could have also found situations similar to the ad scam, the money stolen from construction for the 1976 Olympics, and the millions lost over the harbor redevelopment.

    So do we just rag on Harper, or should we let him change the course of control. The liberals and their demons have owned Canada too long. I think it is time to let someone else earn the money the liberals have stolen enough.

  19. Author

    smee we should not let Stephen Harper destroy Canada. We really should not and hopefully more voters will be exposed to some of the horribly directions he’s taking Canada.

  20. What directions are they admin?

    You accuse but do not provide facts…..again. That is a form of post I would expect from the Freeholder

  21. Author

    Touche s’mee. I guess I’m remiss in thinking that some of the regulars have read my previous comments about Mr. Harper and his government.

    The biggies are the destruction of our medicare system, and if given a majority I don’t think there’s much a future for the CBC as well. More support for the oil industry and an environment that creates division between provinces instead of the country pulling together.

    And on a personal level I’m tired of seeing our Canadian heritage and identity chasing the air trails of what will probably be one of the most despised regime in US history; even to the point of this Fox News North bs that will be forced on the Canadian taxpayer!

  22. Our Canadian heritage and idenity has changed greatly since multiculturism and bilingulism was introduced. By introduced, I mean thrust upon on us without consultation. The billions of dollars being spent there greatly affects the amount availiable for health care and other wonderful things this country offers.

    I am not anti multiculturism or anti bilingual, things could be altered though.

  23. Our Medicare system is provincially managed. The feds want accountability and refuse to spend money on a situation out of control, or like pouring gas on a fire raging out of control

    CBC is a liberal propaganda machine and quite boring, due to the CRTC. oh yes another liberal entity

    More support for the oil industry and an environment that creates division between provinces is another provincial issue. Ontario and Quebec have with held tax revenues for years growing and living in prosperity while other provinces were left in the cold. I only hope NB and NFLD tells Canada to piss off too when the petrochemical industry grows in there provinces. In a word, pay back is a bitch

    Fox news north is an option, if you don’t like it don’t watch or listen to it.

  24. I am glad the Feds are not pouring more money into health care for that reason, the situation is out of control. Serious reflection of what we can afford or will pay for is needed, yesterday.

    I see Quebec has been getting billions for years in equalization payments, but Ontario smee! We are just now a havenot province, so how have we been withholding tax revenues?

  25. HarperG8te is an obscene demonstration of vanity at the taxpayer’s expense. Mr. “Accountability” Harper is in it purely for himself.

  26. In some eyes Mr Harper can not do anything right. Someone once wrote if Harper was seen walking on water, the headline would be he can’t swim. He wanted a smaller stimulus plan and was pushed higher by the opposition. Is he perfect, no, and neither are the the other parties.

    Did anyone get a number of the emails and calls to the Govenor General in support of the no coalition ?

  27. Eric, that joke was originally about Robert Stanfield. There really is no comparison between him and Harper.

    “From a wealthy family, Robert Stanfield was a moderate conservative. A slow-speaking Maritimer with a dry sense of humour, he was a strong proponent of social order. As Premier of Nova Scotia, Robert Stanfield made reforms in education and health care, and also attracted investment to the province. When he switched to federal politics, he ran up against the onslaught of Pierre Trudeau and Trudeaumania and remained Leader of the Official Opposition. Robert Stanfield is often called “the best prime minister Canada never had.”

    That is the best place for a conservative, “The Official Opposition”.

  28. Seems to me Harper’s reply a couple of years ago does show a sense of humor. Reg, you and I will disagree about who should be in the opposition role.

    If you were a vegetable, what type of vegetable would you be and why?
    Let me say this, I would choose, if I had to instead, to be a fruit: just what I am, sweet and colourful.

  29. With the way politics are being played these days, if I were to die and come back as something, Id come back as a bird, so I can immediately fly into a ceiling fan…

  30. I have to give you credit Grimalot…you keep the conversation interesting. lol

  31. Did I say Official Opposition? What I mean to say was compost pile. What’s where over-ripened fruit end up. They had their chance and overall the public isn’t buying what they have to sell (and hopefully that isn’t lighthouses as well).

    Time for the compost heap for the big banana and the rest of his juicy fruits.

  32. Im serious though, they’re just playing games with our lives as far as I am concerned. And Im quite sick of it. But thanks Tammy! 😀

  33. Grimalot flying into fans? I heard when you were a kid you had a beanie with a propellor on it.

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