G20 and the New World Order – Letter to the Editor by Dwight Dugas – Cornwall Ontario – June 21, 2010

G20 and the New World Order – Letter to the Editor by Dwight Dugas

Cornwall ON – There is a lot of talk about the protestors who are expected to show up in Toronto to demonstrate during the G20 meetings this month.

The mainstream media keeps reminding us of the tremendous  cost to keep the G20 summit attendees and surrounding businesses, safe from all the anarchist groups, preparing for “militant and confrontational” action designed to “humiliate the security apparatus.” Of course there are those who want confrontation and they should be charged if they engage in violence.  But these groups are the minority.

There are many more protesters out there that are peaceful. And have, for whatever reasons, come to the conclusion that public demonstrations are an effective way to get the government to listen to them, when they turn a deaf ear to the people.

There is a plethora of small groups preparing to march on Toronto to demonstrate this month. Calling for everthing from public daycare to immigration rights.

But what about those who peacefully protest globalization and call for the protection of Canadian sovereignty. It seems the mainstream media rarely covers such groups. It should come as no suprise. After all, the mainstream media has become the fourth branch of government. Telling us how, what and when to think.

Anna Nicole, Micheal Jackson, Al-Qaida, Al-Qaida, Al-Qaida.

Remember Montebello and the Security and Prosperity Partnership meeting, to expand NAFTA?

CTV news had to admit that three Sûrité de Quebec officers, dressed as anarchists, attended the protest “to keep the peace”. However, it was reported by the alternative media that they were responsible for inciting some of the violence that day.

Whether you believe that police inject agent procoteurs into crowds of protestors, or not, doesn’t really matter when you ask yourself a simple question.

Who benefits when protests become violent?

The answer is simple. The government and our security forces of course. Not the disenfranchised or even those anarchist groups that truly want violent confrontation.

CSIS and the RCMP get bigger and better budgets at the next big globalist meeting. Just look at the upcoming G20. Security for the summit is going to cost $1 billion. And let’s not forget the new toys the RCMP officers are going to get to play with.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police will be deploying L.R.A.D (long range accoustic devices) for the first time, against the Canadian people. The Americans used these weapons against their people, at the G20 meetings held in Pittsburg last year.

It’s admitted that these sound cannons can reach frequencies capable of causing serious harm. But it’s ok. The only people that are going to attend the demonstrations, are evil house wives, disabled people and a few immagrants. Oh and let’s not forget the anarchist minority.

Unfortunately the controlled, corporate media whores will continue to smear and demonize all protestors. All the while highlighting the minority anarchist-tards and barely covering those demonstrating for the protection of our sovereignty.

Nor will they report the fact, that, the G20 is global government in practice. E.U president Herman Von Rompuy admitted ” 2009 was also the first year of global governance, with the estalishment of the G20, in the middle of the finacial crisis.”    right.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXWeOa-FuyM

Did anyone benefit from the financial crisis?

Remember NAFTA?

Well, when the globilzers were pushing the free-trade agreements and the S.P.P, people opposed the agenda. Anytime people spoke of a push for a global government, they were ridiculed and called conspiracy theorists.

Enter the global financial crisis and global governance is announced casually as if it is completely normal and justified, without debate or the input of the people.

The elite’s attitude translates as follows; “There’s no global government, sit down and shut up. There is a global goverment, sit down shut up.”

Welcome to the new world order.

Tiger Woods, Iran, Al-Qaida, Iran, Al-Qaida.

It’s important to remember that section 2 of the Charter of Rights guarantees us the right to assemble and protest. It’s our duty to protect that right.

It would be excellent if the corporate media understood the right to peacefully assemble and promoted it, rather than hype those anarchist-tards and remain silent when people with legitimate grievances rise to be heard.

Dwight Dugas

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  1. Hear hear!!

  2. Couldn’t have said it better, myself. You hit the nail right on the head with that one! G20/G8 if PROOF that we are now living in the NWO!

  3. Dwight… Well said. However, until we find a way to get the young people off the x-boxes and the morbid fascination of staring in the mirror at nothing. I’m afraid big business and big government will win. The machine has been working on the youth for years while we were not paying attention and hating on Bush.

  4. I’m not against a nwo… The idea of everyone coming together and eliminating boundaries is what we need, however it must be for the betterment of the world not simply to centralize power for control and influence

  5. Unfortunately Jason H, its not going to result in the betterment of the world.

  6. The disenfranchised are that way because they do not organize. They do reach out to other like minded individuals to push THEIR agenda. Many do not get involved past media headlines and or fluff pieces. Special interest groups gather, control their message and make it happen. Who can choose a team and will step up to the plate to work an agenda for us, the unions or organized politics?

    Star Trek’s new world order is a long way off, but I would like one of those replicators, Earl Grey, hot, about now!

  7. Your right Ron. But not only do we have to get the youth of their xboxes. We have men watching gladiator sports grunting and shouting as if just watching the sport makes them a MAN.

    Now I don’t care about people watching sports and cheering on their favourite team. But I can’t stand it when I meet guys that know every fricken stat of their prefered sport right up to what the players had for breakfast, but haven’t a clue of who the mayor, our MP and our PM are.

    People are so preoccupied with sensless garbage that they can’t see tyranny when it’s about to slap them in the face.

  8. Harper releases economic action plan, effects felt across much of Canada.

  9. I’m trying to find a way to the G20 saturday, so I can film what’s really going on in the frontline of the demonstration. I have some friends from Toronto and Aberta that have the same idea. I want to make it clear. I’m not going to protest, just document.

  10. Anarchist-tards? That is pretty funny. I would be interested to know which anarchist groups you are quoting “militant and confrontational” aactio designed to “humiliate the security apparatus”. I am also curious how to “dress like an anachist”.

    I really take issue with your take on provacateurs. When you suggest that it doesn’t matter whether cops use these tactics or not, you are way off. It absolutely matters. Due to the actions of admitted provacateurs at Montabello, they were able to ratchet up the fear factor. And now your on the same train..”we must fear the anarchists”. So if the authorities have so much to gain by doing it, and the media will report what they are told, what do the have to lose?

    I’m still laughing at the “anarchist-tards” line. I love the way you demonize them as a group, kind of like the mainstream media would.

  11. I was at the Montebello protest, Rod. And yes there were agent provacateurs in the crowd. And yea there are people that show up that are “anarchists”. I love when they pass me flyers that are comunist on their face.

    I don’t think you are getting my point.

    Whether or not police inject agent provocateurs or not, when a demonstration turns violent, the only ones that benifit are the security forces.

    And people who go out to these protests with the intention of causing violence are absolutely tards. All they do is shift the focus to the violence rather than the issues they say they are fighting for.

    My issue is the media hypes them and puts them in the spotlight, but never covers the erosion of our sovereignty.

  12. Anyone heading down to the summit should be weary of the rock-carrying thugs with their faces covered and wearing police-issue boots. They will be everywhere.

  13. Author

    Hey Dwight I kinda resemble that remark. We’re media and we cover lots of issues of plight other than tards throwin rocks!

  14. Admin you know I’m not talking about you.

  15. Furtz I’ll be pointing camera at the stone throwers. And their boots.

  16. I plan and covering as much as I possibly can. From teens to little old ladies.

  17. I’m certain there was anarchists at Montebello, and I’m certain they were handing out pamphlets that resemble communist pamphlets. But it was the cops who instigated the violence, not the anarchists. What i don’t get is how you don’t get the connection between security forces inciting violence and then benefitting from it. And they benefit doubly: not just the increase in budget, but also another enemy to fear, when Muslims don’t fit the bill.

    I agree that people who go out with the intention of causing violence are “tards” (I wouldn’t use that ‘word’, but whatever), but anarchists are, in general, non-violent. It is the misinformation spewed out by the mainstream media, as well as ignoramuses, that give anarchists a bad name.

    Please, at your leisure, check out linchpin.ca, and update your opinion on anarchism as a political, non-violent movement.

  18. While it’s fine to protest, the protest must be peaceful in every way. Any violence happens and you have negated your protest. Is that why people riot? Because they have negated their peaceful protest?
    Now wonder why we have to spend $2 Billion to protect the world’s leaders…..

  19. I was there. Yes the cops kicked it off. But it didn’t take long for others to join in and yes those people are victims of mind control. Lemmings if you will.

    I understand the principles of true anarchy, but I don’t believe it could ever work. The guy with the quickest, steongest fists eventually becomes the government.

    And I’m not even mad at those that do think engaging in violence will help their cause. I actually feell bad for the suckers.

    I’m upset with the corporate media for using these people to deflect the truth from the public.

    That’s the message I was trying to get across.

    I will checkout the link though.

  20. Well just because you don’t think anarchism will work, doesn’t make them “tards”. And just because someone is violent a a protest it doesn’t mean they are anarchists, even if they are wearing all black (that is what anarchists wear isn’t it?)

    I also am upset with the corporate media for using these people to deflect the truth from the public. Unfortunately you’ve been duped by them too.

  21. We must have peace at any cost. No matter what. There must be peace. It doesn’t matter what we have to give up or cave in to. Violence and the threat of violence has never solved anything. Fighting back is for chumps. Just go along with it. Come down here with me. I will show you how to make knee pads.

  22. Ok Rod. I’m a bad guy.

  23. Without regard to G20 and global government for a moment, does’nt anarchist groups preparing for “militant and confrontational action” designed to “humiliate the security apparatus bother anyone? These groups made targeting the police the reason for going to G20. As a matter of fact on Saturday many of them attacked police first, and then went on a rampage destroying public and private property in Toronto. Does’nt such a pointed attack against law enforcement give Canadians cause for concern? You need not look the other way anymore. These individuals need to be confronted head on by the people of Toronto. These are sociopaths out of Clockwork Orange. Their agenda is hatred of authority. Not politics. You should insist on prosecution of these individuals to the fullest extent of the law.

  24. I see that these comments are all over a month old but i am quite curious, Did you end up making it to the G20 Dwight? And Thanks for the article. Its hard to find people who are thinking with the right sides of their brain. F*** The New World Order.

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