Food Stands in Cornwall? Toronto has them, Ottawa has them, Vancouver is adding them, what do you think? June 27, 2010

Cornwall ON – Street food.   It’s a bone of contention in many cities and some say it helps define a culture.    I was in Toronto yesterday and not only had a munch at a Sausage stand, but met two folks from Saskatchewan and had an interesting conversation.

Toronto, Ottawa, both cities have some interesting stands.  Cornwall, not so many.


Vancouver wants to add some zest to its street cuisine ¬– salmon, tacos, Korean BBQ, anything but hotdogs.

For the next week and a half, the city is accepting applications for new food carts at 17 locations.

“We have such a vibrant city with such a huge, multicultural food culture here,” said Coun. Heather Deal, who first proposed expanding the food vending program in 2008.

“Having that (food culture) not reflected in the streets was frustrating for me, because one of my favourite things is a lively street scene.

So Cornwall.   Do we need some food carts on Brookdale?  Near the Lamoureaux Parc?  On Pitt or Montreal road?  What do you think?  You can post your comments below.

Should Cornwall Ontario have Street Food Carts?

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  1. Jamie,

    There is a reason why Cornwall doesn’t have street food, there isn’t enough “foot traffic” to properly sustain them.

    Our downtown could have seen growth if Pitt remained closed. Many merchants argued they were losing business by not having cars drive by, but the reality is the type of businesses ( hardware store, office supplies….) do not belong in a foot tragic type of development. You need cafes, book and magazine shops, ice cream places, candy store, gift stores, games, bakeries…

    So as much as I would love to see these type of food carts … The first step is to make the environment attractive where these food carts would be located

  2. There are lots of places where food stands could survive. At the Canadian Tire, Home Depot or Home Hardware on Saturdays, at the farmers market, at the mall on Nineth and Pitt, at Walmart, on the corner of Pitt and Second, on the corner of Montreal Road and Malboro, etc, etc, etc. Food Stands do not have to be static. They have wheels and can move around for events.

    I think the only obstacle here is the local public health unit. Instead of trying to prevent any attempt to do something novel for Cornwall maybe they could get with the program and help.

  3. Food stands in front of big brand franchises….? how tacky…. Only in Cornwall.. Lol

  4. Food stamps would be more appropriate!

  5. Tacky? How about profitable! This is the standard in large cities. If you go to Toronto or Mississuaga you will find a hot dog stand at every Canadian Tire, all year round!

    I think it’s small town attitudes like yours that keeps Cornwall thinking it’s a village in the 19th century.

  6. We did have a food stand at Pitt & Water last year…is it there again this year?

  7. Reg…..

    Dude, your comparing Toronto to Cornwall… profitable if you have the foot traffic any large city can produce.

    I wonder if this is Reg that sells coffee…. If so why army you pimping your blend from carts throughout the city?

    Want real world profitability stats? Ask the lady who set up shop selling street meat at lamoureux park last year…. It was short from glamorous

  8. Jason H….If you think small you stay small. If you say something can’t work and don’t even try, it definitely won’t work.

    There is a place and time for ever good idea. Lamoureux Park is a lousy place for a food cart. How many people do you see walking through the park on any work day versus how many people go to a Canadian Tire or Home Depot on a Saturday?

    As far as selling my coffee from a cart, I don’t need to. People who appreciate good coffee know where I am. If all you want is brown caffeine with cream and sugar then there is always a Tim Hortons a stone throw away.

  9. Timmy’s guck is YUK!!! I enjoy my Coffey’s coffee at Island Ink-Jet at 256 Pitt Street. You can buy by the cup (always freshly-brewed) or by the bag, beans or in ground form.

  10. I remember, some 20 odd years ago, that the older areas of Cornwall were always inundated with chip wagons, ringing their bells to tempt people to eat their greasy product. Do we really need those back?
    Another point – small food vending carts are fine and provide a service, but how many operators would have the imagination to sell anything other than greasy hot dogs made out of some sort of “mystery meat”, and poutine?

  11. MMMMMM chip wagons, I still remember saving my nickles as a kid to buy some of those great french fries with lots of white vinegar. You eat the fries fast before they cool down and then drink the vinegar. They were the best. Fresh cut potatoes deep fried in lard or beef tallow as you wait, now that’s comfort food.

  12. Reg, Reg, Reg…’s much better with malt vinegar and salt!

  13. You’re missing the most important ingredient, Reg: the fish!

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