Local Artist Michael Cartwright talks Art with Grade 2 students at Williamstown Public School – June 27, 2010

WILLIAMSTOWN ON – South Lancaster Artist,Michael Cartwright reflects on his painting with Williamstown Public School students Andrew Dixon and Avery O’Farrell.
Mr.Cartwright offered his time to grade 2 Art Teacher Caroline Fortin ( on Thursday 17) so students could review his blogspot and ask questions concerning composition and colour.
After a full hour of discussion the class moved on to an hour of Art making with a choice of landscape with trees or a boat painting.On Cartwright’s boat paintings one student commented he saw elements of Picasso’s “Blue Period” (1901-1904) in the work.
“When I was in grade 2 the idea of going to the National Gallery as Madame Fortin’s class did would never have crossed the mind of my teacher.”
“What an experience for students to be able to make a connection with a local artist.  They learned a lot from Mr. Cartwright’s thoughts on art and what it is like to be an artist…  Now they know how to make “white clouds” on white paper and they are excited to keep adding to their art portfolios!”


  1. Michael is a unique local artist who deserves our admiration. I have one of his original paintings hanging in a prominent place in my living room. Caroline Fortin has taken advantage of the guy next door to help students appreciate art. The great artists don’t need to live someplace else.

  2. I’m from W.P.S

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