Peaceful G20 Protest Marred by Minor Violence – Muzzles true voices of peace and important messages – VIDEO – Cornwall Ontario – June 27, 2010

Cornwall ON – There were two protests at the G20 in Toronto Saturday June 26th.  The first, the largest, completely peaceful.   There was structure.  There was a time frame.   And then there were those that it looks like were not interested in a rally, but as they rarely get play off opportunities in Toronto had their own Montreal style riot.

Apparently many of those that burnt the police car were from Labelle Province.


Frankly I’m so saddened that important and real messages that the world needs to hear; not just the leaders, but the voters, are being muzzled by this utter nonsense.

You can see as I walk into the march, and through it the real tenor of the protest.



People wanted to dance.  They wanted to vent their emotions in a positive and productive way.


And there were some powerful ideas that we probably should all consider like the message from Oxfam.


And from Leaders like Kumi Naidoo from Greenpeace and Sid Ryan from the Ontario Federation of Labour.


Sadly those messages.  Those peaceful thousands are being drowned out by violence and petty evil.


  1. Minor violence? C’mon man they were torching police cars.

  2. And if montebello is of any reference…. I’m sure the violence has been started by under cover agents…

  3. Hey turn on the tv. A bunch of anarchists are blocking traffic at Queen and Spadina!!

  4. What was Harper thinking of in locating the G20 in Toronto? Answer: himself. The ultimate cost of his vanity will be $1.4 billion plus millions in damage…all payable by us.

  5. Lock up the press, block live camera views, hold innocent people for 7 to 18 hours without providing heat, water, food, medical services etc. Convicted criminals are treated better.

  6. United we stand divided we fall,
    I see a lot of division in this topic. The only focus depicted here is a dislike for our leader yet all for different reasons. What will that resolve? We would have nothing more than a new leader redirecting our monies and beliefs into their mold.

    However will it improve health care?, Will it decrease government spending? Will they enforce the green planet initiative??? ( on that note it may not be all that good, seeing the green imitative is currently nothing more then a economic stimulus). What do you think the liberals or the NDP would spend money on?

    Has Layton or Iggy actually spoken out about the summit as they would things like inner Country spending? ie not making the liberal businesses richer.
    No they have not, now can anyone tell me why Harper takes the brunt?? Jamie and company you being a media type can answer that.

  7. Author

    smee the elected leader always takes the brunt; especially when he deserves it.

  8. Opinion Jamie, y
    ou like the protestors can only do well protest. No solutions, No long term plan and nary a qualitaive analysis for your beliefs

  9. Author

    well smee I can say the same for you. You point fingers here without solutions all the time. You can’t get to a solution until everyone admits there’s a problem.

  10. All my posts have solutions, you just have difficutly with the answer as it doesn not support your belief.

  11. The Black Bloc is you. The Black Bloc, the thousands of protesters, the violence at the G-20, the fence, the diversity of tactics – that’s all the fault of the grown ups. I think you’re to blame. You’ve helped create a democratic inequity. You taught your kids to not vote, to not participate in council meetings, to not learn how to talk back to authority, to not join Riding associations. You taught your kids to unwittingly conspire against democratic methods. Kids under thirty simply don’t vote. In fact in Cornwall itself hardly 60% of the entire population voted and it’s much like that right across Canada and a phenomenon that’s spreading throughout the Western world. I don’t know exactly how you filtered democracy out of your children’s lives, how you deal with it in schools and at the kitchen table. You taught them language, reading, how to find work, how to ride a bike, how to cook a meal but you didn’t teach them how to be a normal citizen. This action of not voting creates a massive political cleavage between desire and reality. It is an unsympathetic ghetto creating an imbalance that is without just order, clear thought or any sort of mutual harmony. Voting and democratic participation is the fishing rod that is a significant part of what creates the path to a future that isn’t scary, that doesn’t have five billion dollars worth of prisons on the horizon, that doesn’t have to worry about agents of influence because the agents of influence should be a greater percentage of the population being active in the Canadian landscape. What is your idea of the manifest destiny of Canada?

  12. Why vote. the politicians don’t listen. Please, prove me wrong.

  13. When you vote in an election, some politicians don’t get to listen anymore. Thats the way you get rid of the dead wood.

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