Political Round Up with your Host Jamie Gilcig and Guests Joe Gunn & Denis Sabourin – Seawayradio.com UPCOMING SHOWS – June 29, 2010

Cornwall ON – We talk politics on Seawayradio.com this morning with Joe Gunn and Denis Sabourin.   The show starts at 9 AM and afterwards we’re hoping to hear from some City Councilors from Cornwall Ontario after last nights meeting of council.

Hot topic this morning will be the G20 Rally in Toronto this past weekend and the media spin on it.   You can call into the show, 1 (646) 595-4982, or toll free 1 (877) 217-3932 or via email to your all request community radio station at info@cornwallfreenews.com.

Marina Restinetti, our host of the Vagina Hour on Seawayradio.com will be back next week as she’s still on the mend from her throat issues.

On her next show Marina will be looking at traditional male jobs being done by women.  It should be interesting and if you’re a woman doing a traditional male job you can contact her via info@cornwallfreenews.com if you wish to appear on the show.

Wednesday night is time for Reg Coffey’s Old Time Radio show. This week Reg is featuring episodes of; Superman, Molle Mystery Theatre, and Mr. & Mrs. North.

Crescent Moon Lane with your host Paul Aubin roles out episode three and this week Paul has his Common Threads contest starting with some amazing prizes!   The album spotlight will be on Meditative Guitar by Colorado-based guitarist Jeff Wahl.

And of course you won’t want to miss Our Farmer’s Market Hour every Saturday market live from The Cornwall Farmer’s Market in George Assaly lane! The show starts at 8:30 AM every Saturday during the season.

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