Happy Canada Day from Darlene Jalbert – Cornwall Ontario – June 30, 2010

Darlene Jalbert & the NDP Riding Association would like to wish Everyone a very happy Canada Day!

Darlene Jalbert et l’association de comté de Stormont, Dundas & South Glengarry NPD tient à souhaiter à tous une très heureuse fête du Canada!

A special thank you to the Men and Women of our Armed Forces, past and present for the sacrifices they make for our freedom!

Je voudrais remercier les hommes et ainsi que les femmes de nos forces canadiennes, passés et présents pour les sacrifices qu’ils font pour notre liberté!


  1. And still no word from our Federal MP?

  2. Darlene

    I agree with the thanx to the forces, but when has our freedom ever been in question?

  3. I’m less worried about some foreign terriost group taking away our freedom….. What concerns me is how our own government takes away our freedom with the multitude of laws

  4. Fighting in WW1 and WW2 was for our freedoms. Afghanistan is a sham of a war…

    I’m with Jason H on this..

  5. I think Grim WWI and WWII was for England. There was no threat on this side of the pond.

    Afghanistan should be watched closely. Having found the trillion dollar minerals in the the Southwestern Plateau or Central Highlands at the foot of the Himalayans it now becomes an American potential exploitation point.

  6. [Intentionally left blank]

  7. Smee, you’re not worth commenting on says:
    thanx for sharing your deepest thoughts

  8. There were enemy subs in Canadian waters during WW2.

    I trust Jason H you will be fighting against Mr. McGuinty next year then? Health tax legislation, can’t spray your lawn legislation and the HST legislation plus the administration costs that goes with these samples is crippling Joe and Abdul Taxpayer.

    I hope everyone has a good summer and come back here with less vitriol towards posters. I enjoy some of the combacks but some border on nasty. I prefer attacking the problem than the person, any one else?

  9. Author

    Hi Eric,

    I agree that some comments can get nasty. You should see some of the ones we don’t allow because they would get us sued!

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